1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

Five FM trends that will save you time in 2024

In this article, experts from TAP, a leading property management software company, share five current key trends that can speed up your work and improve outcomes in 2024 and beyond…

  1. Improving efficiency through automation in Facilities Management

For Facilities Managers, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency remains pivotal—an evolution that doesn’t mean relinquishing control to robots but rather embracing software capable of automating repetitive, labour-intensive, or error-prone tasks.

For example, TAP’s property management platform is a robust system designed to seamlessly alleviate the burden of manual tasks. Our permit tool streamlines the entire permit process, starting from request initiation, progressing RAMs collection, contractor check-ins, and securely storing the associated paper trail.

  1. Unlocking the power of data in the property sector

In today’s world, data is ubiquitous, and is integral to most industries. In recent years, the property sector has begun to embrace the transformative potential of data and analytics.

The TAP platform not only collects data but also provides comprehensive analytics through an intuitive dashboard. This powerful tool reports and analyses a wide range of property operations, from identifying peak periods to monitoring permit requests on a monthly basis, and even tracking energy consumption.

  1. Empowering facilities managers with proactive maintenance solutions

Preventive and predictive maintenance strategies are aimed at bolstering building performance while mitigating unforeseen repair expenditures. Regular upkeep ensures operational efficiency and safeguards against sudden, unexpected repair costs.

TAP’s helpdesk module and its innovative analytics dashboard is designed to facilitate optimal maintenance planning. This advanced software enables FMs to strategically schedule maintenance during opportune times, reducing disruptions for tenants and capitalising on quieter periods.

  1. The rise of IoT technology

The FM industry is poised to embrace IoT technology to a greater extent in the upcoming years. The Internet of Things refers to connected devices that engage with the physical environment through sensors, facilitating seamless data transfer. Integrating your property management software with these devices wherever feasible can significantly enhance the automation of data collection processes.

  1. Sustainable benefits for commercial property management

The focus on sustainability in commercial property isn’t a passing trend; it’s an imperative that continues to increase in significance. It is also poised to become increasingly pivotal from a building compliance standpoint, with the expansion of ESG reporting and likelihood of more stringent legislation. Energy efficiency is a key focus area both ethically and economically.

TAP’s sustainability module serves as a comprehensive tool, providing an encompassing overview of a building’s energy usage, allowing for the identification of areas that can be improved.

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