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Effortlessly (and Remotely) Manage Your Below-Ground Assets

By Kingspan

Managing below-ground drainage products across a company’s estate can be a huge challenge at the best of times. Ensuring that a company’s collective separators, pump stations and sewage treatment plants are all working safely and correctly is difficult when they aren’t always easily accessible and may be widely distributed across remote geographical locations.

The situation has become even more complex during the lockdown as the COVID pandemic continues. 

Travel restrictions are still in place for the foreseeable, which means large numbers of facilities team members are working off-site. But this constraint doesn’t reduce the need for companies to maintain vigilance over their underground assets.

It remains a requirement for all UK businesses under current EN 858-2 legislation in order to protect the environment and public health from local pollution events.

Kingspan’s brilliant SmartServ Pro system now offers facilities teams an all-encompassing solution to the problem of visibility and at a relatively low-cost (

The benefits the SmartServ Pro brings include not just easy monitoring, legal compliance and optimum asset performance, but also significant time and cost-savings for a company.

How can SmartServ Pro help FMs save time and money?

Once installed, SmartServ Pro sends alerts to users about the need for servicing and emptying of an asset as and when required, rather than simply when a tankering contract requires it.

The system gives immediate notification of a drop in performance of any individual asset, along with details of the problem (ie. which component is failing) in order to give teams the information they need to action a repair.

This not only delivers significant time savings, but also avoids the disruption and costs associated with unnecessary tankering, plus it ensures both an asset management register and a management plan is in place.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an outsourced management solution, the Kingspan Service team can provide nationwide preventative maintenance service packages for assets such as off-mains wastewater systems and oil separators. These start at just £12.50 per month. The team’s first-fix record of 93% speaks for itself, and we only use genuine manufacturers’ parts and spares for complete peace of mind.

Joseph Shields, Kingspan Service Director, advises: “Separators, pump stations and sewage treatment plants are not fit-and-forget products; they need regular servicing and maintenance.

Many businesses choose to service them based on historic precedent rather than need – in other words when it’s been done in the past. That’s unnecessary, potentially costly and it’s very wasteful. Added to this, you could be fined for not complying with EN 858-2 guidelines or prosecuted for polluting the local environment. Kingspan’s SmartServ Pro solves all these issues. It’s a big step forward from previous asset management solutions – even those which currently use sensor technology and end-user text alerts.  And users can be confident that the system is built on tried and trusted technology and software, backed by Kingspan know-how.”

Contact us to find out more about SmartServ Pro, or book a consultation to discuss your maintenance needs for your business, by emailing or calling:

  • GB: 0333 240 6868 (GB)
  • NI: 028 3836 4600 (NI)
  • ROI: 0818 543 500 (ROI)

[Note: discounts may be available.  Please speak to one of our Kingspan Service team for details.]

Custom Lockout shadowboards: Efficient, top of mind safety in the workplace

Make safety top of mind in the workplace and optimise Lockout/Tagout efficiency with highly visible, custom lockout shadowboards. Shadowboards increase the impact of Lockout/Tagout and help to further reduce maintenance risks and accidents. Read the case study from the large e-commerce company’s warehouse.

Why custom shadowboards?

  • increase efficiency by organising relevant lockout procedures, padlocks, devices, tags and accessories on shadowboards
  • keep safety and Lockout/Tagout top of mind in the workplace with highly visible shadowboards
  • maintain efficiency by promoting the return of tools to the board with tool shadows

Interested in the custom shadowboard approach? Get a custom shadowboard layout for free!

Read the case study from a large e-commerce organisation’s warehouses, where they already use highly visible custom shadowboards to optimise Lockout/Tagout efficiency and to keep safety top of mind in the workplace.

E-commerce warehouse has increased Lockout/Tagout visibility & efficiency with shadowboards

A large e-commerce organization wanted to improve maintenance safety by facilitating the use of Lockout/Tagout and by creating visibility on ongoing maintenance projects that require Lockout/Tagout in their warehouses.

Solution: Customisable master shadowboard

Brady proposed a custom master shadowboard to create the desired visibility for ongoing lockout maintenance. The master shadowboard was installed as a pilot in one of our customer’s major warehouses.

Shadowboards make Lockout/Tagout considerably more efficient, by clearly showing employees and contractors which tools they need to retrieve, and where they need to store them after servicing a machine. After a trial period, the master shadowboard was finetuned and presented as a starting point to our customer’s other warehouses. Brady customised the master version to accommodate sitespecific needs when required.

Each shadowboard is 1.4 metres high and consists of 90 cm wide panels. The board has rounded corners, and was made out of 8 mm thick white plexiglass. These large boards, that can span one or several panels, include ‘shadows’ of every Lockout/Tagout padlock, device and accessory used in a specific workplace area. All corresponding Lockout/Tagout tools are added to the board. Shadowboards make it very easy and efficient for employees to retrieve the tools they need, and to bring them back after servicing a machine. They also very visible in the workplace and serve as a constant reminder to keep safety top of mind.

Results: Efficient and highly visible Lockout/Tagout

The large e-commerce company’s warehouse employees now have Lockout/ Tagout solutions within reach to protect themselves during machine interventions. The Lockout/Tagout padlocks, decives and accessories, as well as the tags, are presented on large, highly visible shadowboards that make it easy and fast to retrieve the right tools to protect their safety.

Get a custom shadowboard layout for free!

Brady Corporation

Consolidate your water in, waste out services with one trusted partner

By Metro Rod

Covid-19 has placed significant pressure on most industries within the UK, in a variety of different ways. In facilities management specifically, operators are juggling the challenge of managing multiple supply chains with several contact points against a stripped back workforce and budget, and a solution is needed to help them maintain the expected levels of efficiency.

To support facilities management providers feeling this strain, Metro Rod offers a one-stop-shop for all water in and waste out needs. Providing one point of contact, one nationwide price, and consistent invoicing and reporting across a multitude of services. Meaning we can reduce the struggle of managing multiple suppliers and save you both time and money.

Why choose Metro Rod?

Our commercial drainage and pump engineers– who are available 24/7/365 – are trusted by facilities managers across the country for maintenance and repair services, and we have vast experience in providing a first-rate service for FM providers working on properties across the private and public sectors.

With almost 50 depots nationally, we’re able to access 85 per cent of the UK’s commercial properties within just one hour, meaning we’re already on the doorstep of your customers. We can deliver all your existing water in and waste out services in one consolidated package, saving you the hassle of managing multiple contractors.

Meanwhile, our experienced engineers – who receive ongoing, in-depth training every year – truly are experts in their field and can quickly diagnose and resolve issues, therefore minimising the inconvenience to your clients, staff and customers. Our exceptional first-time fix and time to fix rates ensure that costs incurred are minimised.

Plus, we’re a digitally-enabled company, meaning we can provide instant visibility of any work, through our customer portal – Connect. We can also integrate directly with your own internal systems and provide additional reporting to ensure you are not only kept up to date but have a transparent view of all of the work undertaken. This enhanced reporting provides an isight into where costs are incurred and allows us to recommend intelligent solutions to reduce drainage problems and drive savings.

All combined, this means we can give you the best possible value for money with one point of contact for all services. Removing the need to juggle multiple supply chains and saving you valuable time and money.

Metro Rod’s services

We’re about more than just drains. As well as the more traditional systems, we’re also experts in water pumps and asset mapping. Our full range of services includes:

All of these services can be worked into a Pre Planned Maintenance schedule – a service plan for routine maintenance which takes place at regular intervals across the year, to prevent the problems which regularly occur in these systems. For example, ongoing scale or grease build-up in pipework can lead to overflows and blockages, which often result in emergency building closures and costly engineer call outs – something both you and your customers will want to avoid. Maintenance might not be top of your list but in the long term, it cuts down the number of emergency call-outs, reduces the amount you spend and keeps the customer free from unnecessary disruption.

Get in touch

To discuss your water in, waste out solutions and how we can help you save time and money contact us on 0800 66 88 00 or visit

PMC have 100% client retention rate, choose the best company for your portfolio!

PMC Ltd are a large 15-year-old family run Hard FM company providing planned/reactive maintenance, projects and ground works for the commercial, retail and care sectors.

We are based the North West but provide services all over the North of England, Wales and the Midlands. We manage hundreds of sites providing multiple services such as M&E, drainage, decoration, roofing and landscaping within a service charge contract, as well as working on a reactive basis and larger project work for our clients.

We currently boast a strong client base working with JLL, HSBC, Next Retail and Iceland amongst others for many years and have a quality in house team of over 25 operatives who are all fully accredited and insured.

Our team are extremely experienced and provide a high-quality service with all enquiries being responded to within 24 hours and undertaking quality control checks on completed work to maintain our high standards. This service is testament to the fact we have a 100% client retention rate in the last 5 years and pride ourselves on delivering an efficient, personal and quality service.


I have worked with PMC for over 10 years and the whole team provides a high standard of service that I just don’t get with other companies’

Facilities Manager – Colliers International

I am very pleased with the professionalism and workmanship that PMC consistently deliver on all fourteen of my sites and I would not hesitate to recommend them.                      

Regional Facilities Manager – JLL

Enquire today on 01515266288

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Altuity software improves facilities management for Tops Day Nurseries

Tops Day Nurseries, a company managing a group of 30 nurseries educating over 3,000 children across the south of England, has adopted the AltoSites software solution from Altuity, a maintenance and facilities management software company.

Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries, explains that the system the group was previously using didn’t work for the needs of the company effectively.

“We needed a central place for information, giving the opportunity to have not just maintenance jobs on the system but assets for each building e.g. fire systems, property boundaries, contracts in place with a system to prompt renewal dates, contractors being able to access the system to upload certificates, lease details and noting who is responsible for maintaining the different assets of the buildings,” she explains.

The company evaluated several other software systems before choosing AltoSites. “With their experience in the education sector, Altuity seemed to understand our issues best, and also weren’t cost prohibitive,” says Cheryl.

Altuity founder Steve Voller commented that, given the current Coronavirus challenges and business disruption, it was good to support Tops Day Nurseries with their long-term facilities and maintenance management needs.

Altuity conducted an initial meeting at the beginning of January. Despite the current lock down due to Coronavirus, it was able to work virtually with key Tops Day Nurseries staff to implement the software.  A Zoom group session, with over 30 staff participating, was used to remotely deliver the training, leading to go live on time at the end of March.

Benefits from adopting AltoSites include allowing for more data to be included under each asset e.g. the fire alarm system can have its make, model, service date, defects reported, certificates, and new systems installed all recorded. Additional benefits are that the company’s legal team will have the ability to store legal information on the system which can be shared. The system is also visually easier for maintenance to be able to see jobs using the floor plans on the system and prioritise work while contractors can automatically be notified of work needed.

“Until all managers are back from the lockdown situation and using the system to its full capacity, it is difficult to get feedback but we are confident the new software will have a positive impact on the way our assets are managed,” concludes Cheryl.

Increase your maintenance safety and efficiency

Work faster with clear maintenance visuals

Get full production capacity back faster with clear visuals that increase maintenance efficiency. Plant maintenance operations are a necessity to maintain and secure production capacity but they may require a temporary reduction in production output. With Brady’s reliable and on-site printable signs and labels you can increase maintenance efficiency and get back to full production capacity faster.

Download the free Maintenance guidebook from BRADY


Wildmere Industrial Estate

Banbury, Oxon OX16 3JU

Tel: +44 (0) 1295 228 288

Building Management

Do you specialise in Building Maintenance & Refurbishment? We want to hear from you!

Each month on FM Briefing we’re shining the spotlight on a different part of the facilities management market – and in February we’ll be focussing on Building Maintenance & Refurbishment.

It’s all part of our ‘Recommended’ editorial feature, designed to help FM industry buyers find the best products and services available today.

So, if you specialise in Building Maintenance & Refurbishment and would like to be included as part of this exciting new shop window, we’d love to hear from you – for more info, contact Paige Aitken on

Here’s our full features list:

Feb -Building Maintenance & Refurbishment March – Cleaning April – Total FM May – Energy Management June – Security Jul – Air Conditioning Aug – Waste Management Sep – Asset Management Oct – FM Software Nov – Business Continuity Dec – Fire & Safety Equipment

Do you specialise in Building Maintenance & Refurbishment solutions? We want to hear from you!

Each month on FM Briefing we’re shining the spotlight on a different part of the facilities management market- and in February we’ll be focussing on Building Maintenance & Refurbishment.

It’s all part of our ‘Recommended’ editorial feature, designed to help FM industry buyers find the best products and services available today.

So, if you’re a supplier of Building Maintenance & Refurbishment services and would like to be included as part of this exciting new shop window, we’d love to hear from you – for more info, contact Luke Webster on

Here are the areas we’ll be covering, month by month:

January – Health & Safety

February – Building Maintenance & Refurbishment

March – Cleaning

April – Total Facilities Management

May – Energy Management

June – Security

July – Air Conditioning

August – Waste Management

September – Asset Management

October – FM Software

November – Business Continuity

December – Fire Safety & Equipment

For more information on any of the above, contact Luke Webster on


BAM FM wins three-year RCN contract

BAM FM has been awarded a national mechanical and electrical maintenance contract with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

The contract, commencing on 1st July, will see BAM FM carry out services across RCN’s 16 offices, conference centres and training facilities throughout the UK for three years.

BAM FM was partly selected for its digital facilities management solutions by the membership organisation that represents nursing professionals across the UK.

“We are delighted that the Royal College of Nursing selected BAM FM to deliver its mechanical and electrical maintenance,” said Gary Carter, head of business development at BAM FM.

“Our nationwide coverage provided through the regional office network means we can support the entire portfolio of the College’s headquarters buildings in London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff as well as 12 regional locations, in-house by our network of engineers. We are also able to provide the client with live customised dashboards, which allows them to monitor operational trends and performance, remotely, in real time.”

Bill Duffy, building services manager at the College, added: “The Royal College of Nursing is pleased to enter into a maintenance partnership with BAM FM. We look forward to working with a company that offers a comprehensive range of services, which meet the requirements of our property portfolio.”