Five FM trends that will save you time in 2024

In this article, experts from TAP, a leading property management software company, share five current key trends that can speed up your work and improve outcomes in 2024 and beyond… Improving efficiency through automation in Facilities Management For Facilities Managers, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency remains pivotal—an evolution that doesn’t mean relinquishing control to robots […]

How IoT enables smart Facility Management

By akenza The landscape of IoT connectivity technologies has undergone remarkable advancements. This progression has in turn paved the way for the emergence of IoT-enabled Smart Facility Management, reshaping the efficiency of facility maintenance processes. The synergy of IoT and FM has been progressively gaining traction, which can be attributed to both the recent advancements […]

WHITE PAPER: How IoT adoption significantly transforms facility management

The significance of proper facility management cannot be understated, as people spend 87% of their time in buildings! However managing buildings is no easy task due to the constant demands and uncertainties that arise. The good news is that with the advancements in technology, modern buildings can integrate more connected devices and older buildings can […]

How IoT connectivity is reaching new heights

IoT solutions utilising SIM-based cellular technology for connectivity are not new – but the speed with which IoT is expanding, embracing ever more exciting and dynamic use cases is both compelling and creating market confusion in equal measure. From a market which is reaching maturity – the standardised, tried and tested, M2M SIM IoT deployments […]

How the uptake of IoT at County Councils is driving efficiencies

Local authorities continue to face mounting pressures from the government on wide-ranging initiatives, from targets on climate change, to improving social care and overhauling waste management – all with budgets squeezed tighter than ever. The past 12 months have seen tremendous interest by local governments in IoT technology solution deployments as a mechanism they can […]

Remain ‘cash-flow positive’ with Harvard Technology’s solutions…

Harvard Technology is a pioneer in connected smart lighting solutions, developing a suite of web-based, Internet of Things enabled wireless control and management solutions for interior and exterior lighting. Installed around the world, Harvard’s solutions are delivering substantial monetary and energy savings for many blue chip clients, including Oxford Brookes University, EON and Skanska. Harvard […]