1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

How IoT enables smart Facility Management

By akenza

The landscape of IoT connectivity technologies has undergone remarkable advancements. This progression has in turn paved the way for the emergence of IoT-enabled Smart Facility Management, reshaping the efficiency of facility maintenance processes.

The synergy of IoT and FM has been progressively gaining traction, which can be attributed to both the recent advancements in connectivity technology and lower sensor hardware costs, reducing the barriers to entry. This upwards trend has been expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has propelled the necessity for innovative solutions in FM.

We see everyday objects now equipped with sensors. These sensors collect an array of data points such as temperature fluctuations, occupancy patterns, and equipment performance. This data offers comprehensive insights for better decision-making. With remote work becoming the norm, along with a heightened emphasis on limited occupancy and hygiene concerns, the demand for data-driven remote FM surged.

The scope of IoT extends beyond data collection and analysis. Modern buildings have transformed to accommodate a range of use cases, each optimized through IoT integration. This encompasses innovations like the following:

As IoT technology continues its rapid evolution, the future will bring a new era of efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability within FM. With the help of an IoT platform like akenza, all sensors can be connected to one place, making the collection and analysis of data simple and seamless.


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