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Are your emergency call buttons working?

By Avire

Lift entrapments are a huge risk, and it is inadvisable to wait until the alarm button is needed for the system to be tested! Currently Facilities Managers rely on their lift companies to monitor lift emergency call systems and testing of the system.

This lack of visibility means manual checks are often being carried out for peace of mind and internal records. Not only is this time consuming and costly, but in the current situation, where touching anything unnecessarily is discouraged, it would be extra beneficial to be able to stop this activity.

Avire’s secure online monitoring platform, the Avire Hub, enables Facilities Managers to monitor their lift alarm call systems and acts as a record of compliance. To be compliant lift emergency call systems must make a test call at least every three days. These test calls show that the alarm system can dial out and that everything is connected and working. The system creates an alert if the system has not made the test call.

Monitoring the status of back-up batteries, changing the emergency phone number and other functionality is also available in the Hub. Another benefit is the use of GSM based technology as many buildings could dramatically save on landline bills by moving to SIM Cards and at the same time avoid the risk of landlines being turned off based on inactivity.

The Avire Hub does not require any dedicated PC hardware for monitoring. It is easily and securely accessible from any internet capable device and can have multiple users. The system hardware can be easily installed by any lift company and Avire’s technical support team are on hand for any support if required.

Avire’s monitoring solutions offer customisable options for monitoring your lifts including emergency communications, lift movement, lift usage and door safety. We are constantly working on expanding this to include more data at your fingertips and would love to hear from you to help us with what data would be the most useful.

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