Undervalued, overlooked: The ‘cordless phone’. Yet still effective . . .

Effective communication across organisations drives team productivity. And, today, there are a plethora of tools available on the market to support better team and customer communication – and experience. The array of options available includes email, project and task management tools, intranets, instant messaging chat functions, issue tracking and ticketing software, among others. Within this […]

Nearly half of UK businesses unaware of 2025 landline switch off

A recent survey revealed that 62.1% of UK businesses are still using landlines within their company and 45% are unaware of BT’s looming Big Switch Off deadline. Context: At the end of 2025, businesses will no longer be able to use landlines as Openreach by BT plans to move all UK phone lines from the […]

WEBINAR: Critical Communications for Facility and Campus Professionals

Facility teams and security professionals all face incredibly challenging conditions. With more than 50 years of experience working with Public Safety Services, Tait has designed a specific, holistic solution for commercial and higher education facilities. Join our free webinar to learn how voice & data communications between users in the field and control center operators help facility teams remotely […]

Are your emergency call buttons working?

By Avire Lift entrapments are a huge risk, and it is inadvisable to wait until the alarm button is needed for the system to be tested! Currently Facilities Managers rely on their lift companies to monitor lift emergency call systems and testing of the system. This lack of visibility means manual checks are often being […]