1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

The power of protection with SmartServ Pro for your business and the environment

By Kingspan

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, where physical access to premises has hit an all-time low, we have all adapted to new and exciting ways of working. In addition to the pandemic, increasingly strict regulations and environmental monitoring has meant that businesses like yours are having to work harder to ensure their underground wastewater assets meet these regulations and are not polluting the local environment.

While physical access was once a necessity to manage or monitor your assets, an array of technologies has emerged to combat this. Developed by Kingspan, SmartServ Pro is an asset monitoring solution which remotely monitors the performance of a building’s wastewater assets, such as sewage treatment plants, fuel and oil separators and pumping stations across a number of locations.

SmartServ Pro will send you instant alerts through our online portal to your phone or mailbox if the status of your system changes, including high-level alerts, power supply or any other issues that may arise. With SmartServ Pro you can plan your preventative maintenance schedule for your assets, ensuring they continue to work as expected, with little to no downtime. We have included this as standard in our Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Plus commercial maintenance packages for fuel and oil separators, sewage treatment plants and pump stations.

Call the team today on 0333 240 6868 to discuss your service and maintenance needs.

Bridging the gap between your SmartServ Pro unit and your computer or phone is the SmartServ Pro Portal. The SmartServ Pro unit monitoring your system then communicates with the secure SmartServ Pro portal, giving you access to the information from your wastewater asset at the touch of a button. The portal shows all assets across your site in one place, displaying real-time information and systems that may be alerting, allowing you to resolve these issues before flooding or pollution occurs.

If you would like more information on our SmartServ Pro remote monitoring software please visit our website: https://www.kingspan.com/gb/en-gb/products/service-maintenance/commercial-services/smartserv-pro, or if you would like to book free a demo please call 0333 240 6868 or email fmservices@kingspan.com.


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