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Save Water, Save Energy – And how our experts can help you

By Water Plus

With the spotlight on energy costs and increasing focus on what organisations are doing to reduce impacts on the environment, there are small steps that can be taken now to help in the future.

Using less hot water through small steps like tap aerators in kitchens and facilities and cutting any areas of water waste helps. And using less water overall means lower Scope 3 emissions.

Tracking water use closer during a year allows those managing facilities to spot any issues early – including leaks that can be underground and not easy to spot. Data loggers, which can be attached to water meters, feed updates daily into a smart online portal to help manage multiple sites and spot opportunities for efficiencies.

Barry McGovaney, Sustainability lead at Water Plus, which is the UK’s largest water retailer and a Green Apple Environment Award winner, said: “Hot water can cost between 2 to 4 times more than cold water, once energy costs are considered, and water efficient taps, showerheads and other measures can all help there. It’s important to know what water you’re using, where and when, along with regularly checking site pipes, fittings and water meters, if they’re safe to access, ideally each month.”

Here’s the big impact data loggers, installed through the Water Plus Advanced Services team, have:

  • A manufacturing facility had a leak on one of their main site pipes, which had a fracture and was losing 21 cubic metres of water an hour – that’s 21,000 litres an hour. If this had not been identified, and quick action taken to organise a repair in December 2021, it would have cost around £10,000 a week – and £41,000 if it was running for a month. After contacting Water Plus, the Advanced Services team quickly pinpointed the leak’s location and made the repair.
  • A distribution centre was alerted to a leak that saw 10 cubic metres of water an hour seeping away underground – with a cost around £690 a day.

To contact our team, please email hello@water-plus.co.uk – and include “FM Briefing” in the subject heading.

More tips to #BeWiseOnWater at:  www.water-plus.co.uk/sustainability .

The power of protection with SmartServ Pro for your business and the environment

By Kingspan

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, where physical access to premises has hit an all-time low, we have all adapted to new and exciting ways of working. In addition to the pandemic, increasingly strict regulations and environmental monitoring has meant that businesses like yours are having to work harder to ensure their underground wastewater assets meet these regulations and are not polluting the local environment.

While physical access was once a necessity to manage or monitor your assets, an array of technologies has emerged to combat this. Developed by Kingspan, SmartServ Pro is an asset monitoring solution which remotely monitors the performance of a building’s wastewater assets, such as sewage treatment plants, fuel and oil separators and pumping stations across a number of locations.

SmartServ Pro will send you instant alerts through our online portal to your phone or mailbox if the status of your system changes, including high-level alerts, power supply or any other issues that may arise. With SmartServ Pro you can plan your preventative maintenance schedule for your assets, ensuring they continue to work as expected, with little to no downtime. We have included this as standard in our Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Plus commercial maintenance packages for fuel and oil separators, sewage treatment plants and pump stations.

Call the team today on 0333 240 6868 to discuss your service and maintenance needs.

Bridging the gap between your SmartServ Pro unit and your computer or phone is the SmartServ Pro Portal. The SmartServ Pro unit monitoring your system then communicates with the secure SmartServ Pro portal, giving you access to the information from your wastewater asset at the touch of a button. The portal shows all assets across your site in one place, displaying real-time information and systems that may be alerting, allowing you to resolve these issues before flooding or pollution occurs.

If you would like more information on our SmartServ Pro remote monitoring software please visit our website: https://www.kingspan.com/gb/en-gb/products/service-maintenance/commercial-services/smartserv-pro, or if you would like to book free a demo please call 0333 240 6868 or email fmservices@kingspan.com.

Consolidate your water in, waste out services with one trusted partner

By Metro Rod

Covid-19 has placed significant pressure on most industries within the UK, in a variety of different ways. In facilities management specifically, operators are juggling the challenge of managing multiple supply chains with several contact points against a stripped back workforce and budget, and a solution is needed to help them maintain the expected levels of efficiency.

To support facilities management providers feeling this strain, Metro Rod offers a one-stop-shop for all water in and waste out needs. Providing one point of contact, one nationwide price, and consistent invoicing and reporting across a multitude of services. Meaning we can reduce the struggle of managing multiple suppliers and save you both time and money.

Why choose Metro Rod?

Our commercial drainage and pump engineers– who are available 24/7/365 – are trusted by facilities managers across the country for maintenance and repair services, and we have vast experience in providing a first-rate service for FM providers working on properties across the private and public sectors.

With almost 50 depots nationally, we’re able to access 85 per cent of the UK’s commercial properties within just one hour, meaning we’re already on the doorstep of your customers. We can deliver all your existing water in and waste out services in one consolidated package, saving you the hassle of managing multiple contractors.

Meanwhile, our experienced engineers – who receive ongoing, in-depth training every year – truly are experts in their field and can quickly diagnose and resolve issues, therefore minimising the inconvenience to your clients, staff and customers. Our exceptional first-time fix and time to fix rates ensure that costs incurred are minimised.

Plus, we’re a digitally-enabled company, meaning we can provide instant visibility of any work, through our customer portal – Connect. We can also integrate directly with your own internal systems and provide additional reporting to ensure you are not only kept up to date but have a transparent view of all of the work undertaken. This enhanced reporting provides an isight into where costs are incurred and allows us to recommend intelligent solutions to reduce drainage problems and drive savings.

All combined, this means we can give you the best possible value for money with one point of contact for all services. Removing the need to juggle multiple supply chains and saving you valuable time and money.

Metro Rod’s services

We’re about more than just drains. As well as the more traditional systems, we’re also experts in water pumps and asset mapping. Our full range of services includes:

All of these services can be worked into a Pre Planned Maintenance schedule – a service plan for routine maintenance which takes place at regular intervals across the year, to prevent the problems which regularly occur in these systems. For example, ongoing scale or grease build-up in pipework can lead to overflows and blockages, which often result in emergency building closures and costly engineer call outs – something both you and your customers will want to avoid. Maintenance might not be top of your list but in the long term, it cuts down the number of emergency call-outs, reduces the amount you spend and keeps the customer free from unnecessary disruption.

Get in touch

To discuss your water in, waste out solutions and how we can help you save time and money contact us on 0800 66 88 00 or visit www.metrorod.co.uk/commercial-drainage/facilities-management.

Reduce contact points in the workplace with touch free drinking water solutions from Zip Water

By Zip Water

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in incomprehensible ways. What is clear is as we emerge from lockdown there will be a need to incorporate touch-free technology to meet the vital health and hygiene requirements that the UK government has implemented, to ensure a safe return to the workplace.

With the average person touching their face more than 20 times an hour, it’s possible to transfer viruses from everyday objects, such as handles and taps, to the mouth and eyes, and vice versa. At Zip Water we have a number of new touch-free drinking water solutions for the workplace. Whether you already have a system fitted and are looking for a contactless retrofit solution or want a brand-new product that will enable staff and visitors’ hands-free access to drinking water, at Zip we have it all!

The brand-new Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave offers a 100 percent contactless solution for filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water. To dispense water, a user simply hovers their hand 1.5-5cm from the smart infrared sensor and the water flow will stop immediately once their hand has moved away, if the tap is touched or grabbed it will deactivate.

For areas that require larger volumes of filtered chilled and ambient water, the innovative new floor-standing HydroChill HC03 touch-free dispenser is the perfect solution. Easy to install in areas away from the kitchen – such as staff rooms and corridors – this dispenser also features a nano silver surface coating that works to kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria across a 24-hour period.

If you already have a Zip HydroBoil or EconoBoil system fitted in your workplace, our simple to install touch-free adaptor allows for the dispensing of boiling water without needing to touch the handle. The adaptor can be quickly and easily fitted over the existing HydroBoil or EconoBoil handle to enable users to dispense boiling water by pushing back on it with a cup.

To find out more about any of our products, please click here.

Zip Water launches innovative drinking water solution for new era of touch-free workplaces

With employers searching to create COVID-secure workplaces for staff to return to work safely, Zip Water have created the HydroTap Touch Free Wave; a contactless drinking water solution that delivers instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water.

Reduce contact points in the workplace 

Available in the UK from December, the new Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave is a 100% contactless drinking water solution and is the latest innovation in the flagship HydroTap range. With health and hygiene now an absolute priority in the workplace, the Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave allows employees to stay hydrated and healthy, while avoiding surface contact to minimise the risk of virus transmission.

Smart infrared sensors detect hand movements when in a 1.5 – 5cm range of the tap, with water flow stopping immediately once the hand is moved away. The tap also features a contactless safety lock for the delivery of boiling water. Boiling water is only dispensed once two of the four sensors are engaged, activated by cupping a hand around the back of the tap.

New innovation for a changing world

Victoria Himsworth, Head of Marketing, explains that Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave was developed as an immediate response to new emerging needs in the UK and global marketplace.

“We’re proud of how quickly we have been able to respond and deliver a market-leading solution to an urgent real-world problem. Businesses must do everything possible to improve hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, following the latest Health and Safety Executive guidelines, in scenarios where employees cannot work from home. With the average person touching their face more than 20 times an hour, it’s possible to transfer viruses from everyday objects, such as handles and taps, to the mouth and eyes, and vice versa. Investing in the HydroTap Touch Free Wave encourages employees to keep hydrated, without the worry of cross-contamination.”

Find out more about the Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave.

GUEST BLOG: How IoT is changing the waste water industry

Kelly Potter, Marketing Associate, Transcendent Corporation

Water is perhaps one of the most precious natural resources. With rapid urbanization, the resource is becoming scarce quickly.

For organisations and systems that operate in the water industry, there has been the dependency on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor some parts of the water distributions systems, yet the practical limitation of its installation points has restricted its use.

As stated in IoT and Hospitality, “The number of connected devices will grow by two billion objects in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 2020.” With the growing number of connected devices, the water industry is taking advantage of IoT sensors to monitor water levels, chemical leaks, and even regulate water flows.

IoT in water treatment uses the concept of smart sensors installed at various points in the water system. These sensors collect data and send it back to the monitoring systems. This data could include, water quality, temperature changes, pressure changes, water leak detection, and chemical leakage detection.

In the simplest form, IoT in water treatment lies a reliable communication technology that is used to send data from physical objects over a wireless channel to a computer with smart analyzing software. Smartphones and tablets can have apps that connect to the cloud or be integrated with an EAM CMMS system to access the IoT sensor data in real-time. This technology can help technicians, engineers, and other facility management staff to get insights wherever they are or places engineers typically can’t reach.

An IoT enabled smart water sensor can track quality, pressure, and temperature of water. In fact, a sensor solution can measure liquid flow and can be used by a water utility company to track the flow across the whole treatment plant. This can also be a handy tool to incorporate with an EAM CMMS so you can track all the data for the plant in one easy solution. Engineers can then access this data, interpret the data, and make suggestions and send to the facility manager.

IoT can also play a role in leak detection and send an immediate alert to a remote dashboard. These notifications are immediate where as if an engineer had to check the levels by hand or on foot it could take hours for a problem to be detected. Now, it allows the engineer to address the issue faster, find a solution, and move on to the next task.

Lastly, another huge benefit to IoT in wastewater management is the detection of residual chemicals after treatment. This can be used to calculate the efficacy of the selected treatment process and ensure the release of chemicals stays within permissible limits.

This type of sensor can also help detect and reduce the spreading of legionella throughout a facility. Legionella is spread through mist, such as from air-conditioning units of buildings and can be very dangerous for employees. IoT has many benefits and can increase the productivity of staff, keep them out of harm’s way, and reduce unnecessary costs for facility management.

How an EAM/CMMS Can Help the Waste Water Industry

An EAM organizes the physical and fiscal information of enterprise assets on one platform, follows the work flows associated with managing assets, supports the business processes of managing the receiving, assigning, deploying, and retiring assets. From an operational perspective, it tracks the physical whereabouts of the assets, who have custody of them at any point of time, and the physical condition of the assets.

The CMMS tracks the maintenance activities and costs for the equipment that require maintenance. mEAM tracks the entire enterprise asset portfolio, including IT and physical assets, equipment and buildings, fixed assets and consumables, while CMMS tracks a subset of that.

EAM will track the life cycle of your water system allowing staff to prepare for maintenance in the future to protect not only your assets but your consumers.

An EAM combined with the benefits of IoT software can increase productivity among staff, decrease risk of injury for staff, and reduce unnecessary costs that are being spent in a reactive manner rather than a preventive or proactive approach.

Kelly Potter is a Marketing Associate for Transcendent Corporation. She has lived in Tampa for four years and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Communications and a Minor in English-Writing. Kelly has written hundreds of blogs focusing around EAM CMMS technology and the use of these solutions within facilities around the world.

Industry Spotlight: Eating away waste water blockages

FreeFlow Liquid consists of ten strains of aerobic and facultative bacteria that are able to digest organic matter, such as fats, oils and grease (FOG). The bacteria are able to work effectively across the wide range of pH, temperature and low-oxygen conditions that are common in drain lines and grease traps.

The particular strains of bacteria used in the product are food-safe and the product is NSF L2 approved, making it suitable for use in food processing applications. It can also combat the foul odours associated with FOG build-up, as the FreeFlow bacteria outcompetes sulphur-reducing bacteria and prevents H2S gas from forming.

“Food manufacturing plants often encounter difficulties with waste water supplies,” explained Bernard Daymon, CEO of NCH Europe. “Due to the nature of the products being processed, grease traps and drainage lines are often clogged with FOG and organic matter. This can lead to non-compliance, as well as a pungent odour and the risk of flooding or drain damage.

“Often businesses will use hazardous or caustic drain line un-blockers, which can actually damage the piping itself. Some are even classed as toxic, making them harmful to both staff and the environment, driving up costs even more.

“Biological solutions such as FreeFlow Liquid are safe for staff to use and eat away all of the organic build-up without causing additional damage to the piping system itself. By also being environmentally-friendly, businesses can avoid additional discharge fines and can minimize their waste water disposal costs.”

To ensure the bacteria are highly effective when dispensed, NCH Europe is also launching FreeFlow Nutrient, a bio-activator that boosts FreeFlow bacteria growth. This enables FreeFlow bacteria to become more mobile and break down waste easier.

FreeFlow Liquids are compatible with NCH Europe’s range of automatic dispensers, such as FreeFlow 50 and FreeFlow 100 dosing systems. These systems allow businesses to ensure waste water treatment solutions are dosed effectively and avoid costly under- or over-dosage.