1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

Mitie introduces thermal imaging drone…

The facilities management company, Mitie, has announced the launch of the first thermal imaging drone to be used in the industry – corresponding with the growing popularity of implementing technology in FM operations.

The thermal imaging technology is the next stage of development for Mitie’s pest control drone service, which was announced earlier this year. The drone, named Inspire 1, will enable Mitie to deliver a wide range of services, from pest control to property and waste management. The thermal imaging applications for the Inspire 1 also include:

  • Concealed bird nesting in roof crevices. 
  • Building damage inspections and maintenance, in areas that aren’t readily visible. 
  • Wildlife management – thermal imaging for animal population control. 
  • Safety at landfill sites – the drone can find hot spots that pose a fire risk. 

    Roofing surveillance to detect excess humidity and water cooling on flat roofs. 

  • Thermal mapping – look at any heat leakage over the whole building to identify potential savings via improved insulation.

Regional director for Mitie’s pest control and drone operations, Gareth Davies, said: “The thermal imaging technology enables us to develop the precision of our existing drone fleet. The Inspire 1 will enable us to offer customers and increasingly comprehensive, safe and flexible service and is a great example of Mitie’s technological innovation in the FM sector.”

With the ability to reach 400ft, previously inaccessible places are reachable from the ground and without the need for specialist equipment. The small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) are operated by licensed Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) members, enhancing safety and reducing the cost of surveying at height.


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