1st & 2nd July 2024
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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Simplicity Storage – Smart storage for agile workspaces

By Simplicity Storage

With a traditional office move a desk, chair and pedestal or locker goes with each member of staff. But how about when a business moves to a more agile, flexible way of working?

We find project managers talk about the percentage of hot-desks that’s needed. Usually looking to provide a 60% or 70% desk-to-person ratio. But when we start talking to them about storage they’ll ask for a locker per person or even more. That’s something we’ll challenge them on. Because how can you have a flexible office space when you don’t have flexible storage?

Our Simplicity storage solution is dynamic and flexible. Staff can move from one floor to another without any help from facilities management. Each locker has an LED light which shows green when vacant and red when in-use. The user taps their building or storage access card on the front of the locker and pushes the door to open it. It’s then assigned to that user.

We also offer a software package called Releezme. The software integrates with access control and HR systems. It allows the client to automate system enrolment. And sends automated notifications to users. Plus, while we can’t create storage rules for our clients, Releezme will manage that for them.

People underestimate how important the software is. For example, one of our clients has three locker user groups. Everyone in theory has a dynamic locker. But if you’re a full-time employee who doesn’t open your locker for 21 days it’s will block your access. The facilities team can then generate a report of blocked lockers. So, it’s giving them detailed information to make a business decision going forwards. Saving office space, management time and ultimately money.

If you’re looking for custom-made smart storage contact our team for a quote today.



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