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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Derwent Facilities Management – Planned Preventative Maintenance

By Derwent fm

Derwent fm offer a total facilities management service that can be procured as a whole or individually, one key service that we often are asked to supply is planned preventative maintenance which ensures any building is running in the most efficient way possible and can operate to its fullest potential.

Key benefits customers enjoy are:

  • Saving you money on costly, urgent repairs by greatly reducing the chances that maintenance will need to be carried out in an emergency
  • Minimising unplanned downtime, closures or lost working hours
  • Keeping your premises health and safety complaint
  • Streamlining a range of maintenance services into one easy to manage and cost-effective facilities management package
  • Our services are built around our client’s individual circumstances and all planned maintenance schedules are fully tailored to your needs
  • Keeping your premises looking their best as well as running smoothly and efficiently

As part of a facilities management contract with Derwent fm, our engineers will arrange a timetable of scheduled visits. By planning in advance, we can minimise disruption to your organisation.

Our team will also get to know your premises – its equipment, electrics, building fabric etc. – so they will be well positioned to identify and rectify potential problems quickly and professionally.

Our maintenance teams are also available through our 24/7 helpdesk when emergency repairs are required. This covers any unforeseen emergencies caused by external factors, such as extreme weather or vandalism.

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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: IPL Global’s EcoSort Recycling System

By IPL Global

The EcoSort Recycling System provides an aesthetic, flexible, functional, and easy to use solution for collecting recyclable materials in the workplace.

Our EcoSort range includes a 60-Litre Midi and a 70-Litre Maxi, both of which are completely interchangeable and come with a variety of lid options as well as a wide range of colour and graphical options. This versatility allows for the creation of a truly unique and uniquely customised recycling solution to fit any workplace environment.

In our current climate, minimising non-essential contact is critical. COVID-19 and other germs are distributed primarily by droplets produced by coughing, sneezing, talking, and exhaling. Those droplets can then land on nearby objects and can then transfer from surfaces onto your skin.

Therefore, ensuring minimal contact and general hygiene acts are important practice. The EcoSort’s boasts a number of non-touch lid options- making our recycling bin an excellent solution when it comes to not spreading germs.

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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Derwent Facilities Management

By Neal Grant, Head of Business Development at Derwent Facilities Management

Effective building maintenance is crucial to the success of any business. In the most basic form, adhering to the legislative standards for building maintenance not only ensures the safety and wellbeing of all occupants, but ultimately is a key obligation of all business owners and directors.

Beyond this, effective and proactive building maintenance which utilises British Standards such as SFG20, and indeed SFG30 during the pandemic will reduce disruption for business in terms of asset failures, reduce ongoing repair costs, lengthen the lifespan of assets reducing capital costs and ultimately improve the wellbeing and experience for your building occupants.

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Established in 1990, FSI is a global leader in CAFM/IWMS software.

Our product range includes:

Concept Evolution: core CAFM/IWMS solution for total building management, from a single site to a global portfolio.

Mobile Workforce Apps: Extend the functionality of Concept Evolution and third-party integrated systems to your mobile workforce.

Workplace Apps: suite of apps, designed to encourage the entire workplace community to contribute to the success of the facilities they occupy, as well as to connect CAFM/IWMS technology to your business via end users and their smartphones. Effective and successful FM is put directly in the hands of all those on the receiving end.

For more information, visit:

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Principled Storage

Principled Storage are a Hertfordshire based company, that offers the ultimate solution to efficient and compliant physical document storage.

Following the implementation of new data protection legislation, companies are legally required to ensure the secure storage of their clients information, and with many businesses still reliant on paper documents, there is now an increasing requirement for document storage solutions.

Principled Storage offers a bespoke solution, which is fully compliant with data protection legislation. Principled are dedicated to ensuring a hassle free process for all clients, and are committed to offering the most competitive rates in the market. This is achieved by discussing various options with the client to ensure they are keeping costs down to a minimum. They also boast a team of trained specialists to help make clients archiving process as simple, efficient and secure as possible.

Thanks to their client-focused approach, Principled Storage is now the premier document storage company in the UK and provides the ultimate GDPR solution for safe and compliant document storage.

What makes them unique?

The Principled Storage box has been designed to hold 20% more documentation than any comparable product currently offered in the market. They are made from high-tensile plastic rather than cardboard and are therefore a more sustainable and cost-effective solution to storage. The boxes are robust and are sealed with a tamper proof security tag, hence offering the most complete GDPR product in the UK. Additionally, the boxes are also fitted with RFID tags and are fully trackable, point-to-point, through the whole process.

The RFID (radio frequency identification) tags enable them to use state-of-the-art technology to scan and locate boxes within a 20 ft radius, so they are able to recall boxes easily and efficiently.

Principled Storage is the only company in the UK to provide this solution, so this sets them apart from all other document storage providers.
It is this innovative solution, combined with the exceptional standard of client service that Principled Storage prides itself on that sets them apart from competitors.

Overall, following the incredible success of Principled Storage over the past three years, the team will be focusing on enhancing its already impressive brand recognition throughout the coming years.

Since their inception in 2017, Principled Storage are consistently looking for ways to provide a broader service to their clients and have therefore expanded the services they provide.

Many businesses are opting to switch to digital archiving, whether it is for immediate access to documents, or to be more environmentally conscious. By using document scanning as a way of archiving, it will cut down the time spent searching for documents and provides clients with the ability to share documentation quickly. All documents are scanned using state-of-the-art-equipment, and are processed in full compliance of the British Standard Institute BIP0008 – evidential weight and legal admissibility of information stored electronically, which is essential in ensuring the authenticity and content of the electronic images can never be questioned.

Principled Storage is also committed to ensure the safe and legal destruction of confidential paperwork and media. And whether material is sensitive or not, shredding paper records is a very eco-friendly method of disposal. They work to strict legislation to provide secure destruction, and then ensure that all waste is baled and recycled, meaning zero waste for landfill.

Principled Storage understands that archiving and records management can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Offering a project management service enables businesses to offload the pressure to us. Principled Storage works closely with the client to discuss and achieve the right solution for their requirements. From the initial contact, right through to the indexing and destruction, Principled Storage are committed to providing an excellent comprehensive package.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Aquateck – Better cleaning solutions – pure and simple

Aquateck from Oxfordshire company GreenTeck Global is a just-launched, innovative, product that looks set to make waves in the commercial cleaning market.

The process is environmentally friendly, green, cost-effective, efficient and safe… since it starts and ends with ordinary a salty brine.

Tap water is fed through a standard water softener and salt is added (0.5 gms per litre – sea water is approximately 30 gms per litre). This solution is then passed through the Aquateck electrolysis unit. 

The result is known as AW (Activated Water) contains FAC Freely accessible Chlorine– the world’s strongest natural steriliser – and chlorine (5 ppm, compared to around 1.5 ppm for water in a swimming pool) and produced at a rate of around seven litres a minute.

This AW can be used in a number of ways: spray-bottle applicators, direct application to surfaces, mop and buckets and even via industrial Floor cleaners; effectively replacing the need for aggressive and expensive chemical cleaners,

In a spray-bottle, the AW solution remains active for around 72 hours, but after use there is even no need to rinse because as it works it degrades back to ordinaryH20 and salt.

Greenteck Global already manufactures and markets a range of airborne ozone generators, but its founder David Thurston has high hopes for Aquateck across a wide range of markets that includes care homes and nursing homes, hotels and motels, conference and exhibition facilities, student accommodation / halls of residence in universities, colleges and schools.

Extensive scientific trials of the Aquateck unit have just been completed at the Burlington Court Care Home in Northampton with remarkably impressive results.  The large, modern, home has more than 100 residents and is rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC, so standards are already high.

Swab tests for Recoverable Live Units (RLUs) were taken both before and after cleaning in different locations around the home on a daily basis and the AW was used in direct competition with the products used in the home’s established cleaning regime.  These sites included:

  • Door push plates – where frequent use means cross-contamination could be an issue
  • Handrails on staircases – also used regularly by staff and residents
  • Food contact surfaces – prone to bacteria unless cleaned regularly and thoroughly
  • Sluice room – lower than expected starting readings, possibly because of regular use with existing chemicals
  • A separate trial was also undertaken in one specific bedroom where staff had identified a persistent odour problem that was proving resistant to treatment.

The results across the fortnight of the trial showed that AW outperformed the existing chemicals across all the test areas: with the exception of just one day where it is believed there may have been an issue with the water supply prior to it entering the activation process.

Pre-cleaning swabs showed lower levels of RLUs, there was a significantly greater per centage reduction in the number of RLUs after cleaning and it appears AW gave greater and longer protection against the reappearance of RLUs.  In the bedroom trial, where carpets were treated using AW in home’s own steam-cleaner, staff reported a dramatic reduction in the odour and noted that this seemed to be an on-going improvement.

Burlington Court is owned by Tej Sehmi, along with two other homes in the area, with a new, fourth one currently under construction and due to open next year.  He said: “It is fair to say we were very, very impressed with the results.

“It certainly seems we were getting at least as good – if not better results – than with our existing regime.  However we could certainly save money by not having to buy the range of chemical products we currently use.

“These products are aggressive and there is potentially the risk of a serious incident if they are misused or accidentally mixed. We have to have COSHH training for our staff to make sure they understand how to use these chemicals and the dangers associated.  Whereas with the Aquateck unit there are no COSHH requirements because it is absolutely safe to use.  It is also true to say that our staff really liked using the AW because it was literally as easy as turning on the tap . . . odourless, completely safe to use and so no significant risk of any accident.”

David Thurston, who has been involved in the ‘ozone industry’ for around ten years, including time spent in Chine, the USA and Central America where it is already big business, added: “We are really grateful to Tej and all his staff at Burlington Court for giving us the opportunity to carry out this capability demonstrator in the field so to speak.

“I have known for a while just how effective our AW is and we have installations of our other trioxygen generators to back that up, but it is always nice to be able to produce results and hard data to back them up in a real, live working environment.”

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Unplanned waste removal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delivering rapid waste removal from a single point of contact, Biffa OneCall is an on-demand service that supports both business and domestic use. Providing man in a van, plant support, labour, bulk container and skip services to meet your waste removal requirements.

Services include: National coverage, Rapid response from 3 hours, Man in a van clearances, Large project clearances, Fire & Flood damage response.

OneCall takes care of it all. From just £85 (excludes VAT).

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Spend time improving EHS performance, not implementing software

Introducing SAI 360 FastStart, the fast, ready-to-use, cost-effective software solution to meet Environmental, Health & Safety requirements.

Implementing a new software platform can be perceived as challenging by even the most experienced Environmental, Health & Safety professional, but not anymore.

SAI360 FastStart delivers pre-configured workflows, dashboard and reports based on industry best practice. As the solutions are ready to use the cost is much lower and implementation can be delivered in just weeks enabling a fast return on investment.

Download brochure

Some of SAI Globals most popular out-of-the box FastStart options for EHS include:

  • Incident Management, including Near Miss and Injury Management
  • Action Management
  • Hazard Management
  • Inspections
  • Audits

Spend time improving your environmental, health & safety performance instead of implementing software, contact SAI Global about FastStart now and get the insights you need to enhance operational efficiency. | 01926 523149 |


Through a combination of cloud-based risk management systems, risk consultancy and engagement support we help businesses establish practical risk management in their business that can be operationalised alongside other business processes.

We believe risk management is more than just compliance and protection, that it can enhance operational performance, build resilience, develop employee engagement and deliver competitive advantage.

Our approach is simple we:-

  • Understand the Issue
  • Develop a Solution
  • Deliver and Implement
  • Continuous Support

Our systems can be a combination of the following:-

Business Continuity Management
Health and Safety Management
E Learning and Training
Legal and Employment Support

Engagement and support are really important to us; The short video below explains more of what BCarm can provide and bring to a business, in the words of our clients: BCarm – delivering risk management

BUSINESS CONTINUITY– it’s good to have a Plan B

Business continuity management identifies a business’s priorities to enable preparation of solutions to reduce the chance of, and minimise the effect of a disruptive event.

Business continuity is applicable to all industry types regardless of the size, location or complexity of the business and not surprisingly, there is an increasing requirement for effective Business Continuity measures; whether driven by supply chain, contract conditions, accreditations or business finance.

One of the biggest challenges with continuity planning is where to start, and then getting buy-in within the business; whether it is risk assessing key assets and resources or updating incident response plans and testing the BCP to find and close potential loopholes, the prospect of embarking on a BCP project can be daunting.

We work with clients to understand the Business Continuity requirements and then develop an appropriate action plan and once up and running, we can support the process with:

  • Scoping Sessions – to provide structure and a plan to develop business continuity plans, resources and arrangements in the business
  • Management Awareness Training –for key staff to gain an understanding of business continuity
  • We can also facilitate a detailed Business Impact Analysis and desktop exercises 
Click HERE to access our Incident Response Plan tool to enable you to build a structured plan to respond to a disruptive event


Managing Health & Safety can be a challenge using manual, excel based systems which can lead to human error, missing information and gaps in compliance. Effective health & safety management that is integrated into day-to-day business operations, delivers a range of benefits to the business beyond just safety – the BCarm health and safety management system helps you proactively manage risks, compliance requirements, enable identification of problem areas, manage and track incidents, and monitor performance.

The E-learning system will help identify further training needs and risk exposures at an employee level that can then be managed. BCarm typically provides over 3 hours of training per employee per year, with configurable training plans.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of Business Continuity, Health & Safety or E-Learning or, call Dan Bannister on 07917 238714 or email

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Smart lockers with software that allows you to manage access wherever you are

No more money spent managing lost keys. Usage data to help you improve space utilisation. That’s why Deloitte, Selfridges and Xerox love Simplicity.

Simplicity lockers open with your building access card. They can be set to work with either a central control panel, or by touching the access card against the door. Users can also access their storage using our smartphone app.

The lockers work on a traffic light system. A red light indicates the locker is occupied and a green light shows it’s available. Each lock has an LED light to make it easier to see the contents. It also has a USB charger for charging your phone or tablet in your locker (up to 600 Ma max).

Simplicity also comes with ReleezMe software. This allows you to manage your lockers wherever you are. An essential tool for those facilities managers responsible for more than one site.

The software also allows you to:

  • Set rules for who can access certain sets of lockers and when.
  • Track locker usage and generate reports.
  • Send automated notifications to users.

Find out more: Simplicity ReleezMe