1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Mul-T-Lock Master Key Systems – The innovative solution to bespoke security

With the rapid advancement of technology and the emergence of new threats, organisations are looking for innovative physical security solutions to ensure the protection of their assets, people, and premises.

Suresh Peri, Head of Commercial and Technical and Mul-T-Lock UK identifies how the security specialist is staying one step ahead with the evolution of its Master Key Systems. The aim is to support Facility Managers on their journey to embrace modern and intelligent security measures…

As our world keeps changing, we have a duty of care to advance with the latest physical security measures and ensure we can offer bespoke solutions for our customers.

One way we achieve this is through our renowned master key systems, which operate on the basis of key hierarchy.

Master Key Systems are designed to create a categorised structure, where individual keys can only access specific locks assigned to them, while the ‘master key’ retains access to all locks in the system. This enables controlled access across a facility, granting permitted workers access to their authorised areas while restricting unauthorised individuals from entering.

Mul-T-Lock’s Master Key Systems offer a combined solution, incorporating electromechanical systems such as eCLIQ.  This allows Facility Managers to benefit from features such as audit trails, time-based access limitations and remote access control.

Operating with the assurance of Mul-T-Lock’s reputation for high security, master key systems can be designed for a modern office building or a multi-site complex.  The solution can be tailored to embrace electromechanical or mechanical systems to meet the specific needs of every institution.

Mul-T-Lock will work with Facility Managers – incorporating technical assistance and the support of its UK network of authorised approved partners – right from the specification process.  We will develop a bespoke design that corresponds with security demands, taking into consideration various zones, departments, and user responsibilities.

And considering the diverse needs of businesses and institutions, Mul-T-Lock UK will offer a suitable platform to base a master key system.  From a premium level eCLIQ, MTL800 (most recently fitted at the MLA Headquarters,) MTL600, MTL500, MTL400, MTL300 to MTL200, all offer unparalleled flexibility, scalability, enhanced security and efficient key management as standard.


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