1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Fairclough Group – Totally dedicated to FM

Fairclough Group is an experienced practitioner of Total Facilities Management, or TFM.

We work with clients across the UK and Europe. Some big, some small. All important to us.

We think FM is a pretty straightforward business, or at least it should be: it starts with getting the basics right and understanding that the big picture and the small detail are one and the same.

Through our ‘One Team’ operating model, our clients have achieved a reduction in annual facilities costs of 10-30%. And at that point, FM suddenly becomes a lot more interesting around the board table.

Our impact isn’t just on the bottom-line: we can help businesses achieve their environmental and CSR goals and ensure they can carry on trading following fire, flood or other unforeseen disaster. In that respect, were a potential lifeline for your business.

We’re here to take away the pain: to get on and make things work better and more efficiently, reducing operating expense for our clients and creating a positive working environment that supports their corporate culture.

All the projects we take on receive director-level attention until we feel they are running smoothly enough to hand over to a dedicated account manager. Our directors’ standards are high. They set high standards and will not ‘let go’ until they are absolutely confident of a smooth transition.

Whatever the challenge presented by your facilities, you’ll find the perfect partner in Fairclough. FM is our business. It’s our passion. Quite simply, it’s what we do.


The Fairclough mindset is creative and flexible. We will cover every angle to give you the best solution and constantly seek better ways of doing things.

Work and projects are programmatically controlled, delivered and completed expediently and with a focus on quality.

We use class-leading technology to generate real-time reporting and data that can underpin performance and support your business planning.
We start our work by getting under the skin of the task in hand. That means understanding the fabric of the building in question and everything within it.

And it entails doing our homework on the client and getting to know what drives their performance and how what we can do can help them achieve their corporate goals, whether they are financial or related to their corporate and social responsibility ideals.

Typically, we will be looking to deliver all of the following for our clients:

  • Reduction in cost through extended asset life and smarter working practices
  • Reduction in risk through adherence to compliance standards
  • Greater control through clarity of reporting and availability of real-time data
  • Improved productivity through creating the ideal working environment

Website: www.faircloughgroup.com


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