1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: ECA Group – Creating a cycle of continuous improvement for energy management

The team at ECA has developed a comprehensive, integrated range of services, to help their clients achieve efficient energy savings and cost reductions.

As energy management becomes even more important and challenging, ECA has brought their services together under one single banner ECA Virtuous, this product links all their services into one single goal:  To improve their clients bottom line profitability.

ECA virtuous is an all encompassing energy service through which your organisation embraces the mantra of ‘the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t consume’ and becomes a virtuous energy company.

ECA virtuous reduces your expenditure on energy through a strategic approach to business energy management that ensures a symbiotic relationship between the three key elements:

  • Your cost of energy
  • Your usage of energy
  • Your carbon obligations

ECA achieve this by:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Invoice validation
  • Organisational benchmarking based on actual business KPIs
  • Continuous monitoring of consumption data to detect wastage
  • Calls to sites to establish cause of exceptions
  • Site visits to identify wastage
  • Energy awareness staff training
  • Identification and delivery of reduction solutions
  • League table & performance reporting
  • Compliance reporting (EPC, DEC, ESOS, GHG)

Typical savings of between 5% &10% can be achieved by adopting ECA’s Virtuous service.

ECA are proud of the results they deliver to their clients, by understanding their needs and applying the correct strategies they deliver long term results.

The team at ECA would be delighted to identify savings for your portfolio.

Visit ECA’s web site call on: 01246 298 591 or email alan.little@eca-group.co.uk

Full range of services:

 (Market Intelligence & Contract Negotiation)

          (Bureau Services, Bill Validation & Query Resolution)

         (Energy Management, Profile Consumption Alarms)

         (Online access to energy data and reports)

        (EPC’s, & DEC’s, ESOS, Mandatory Carbon Reporting)

        (Historic Billing Audits)

         (Leak Detection & Tariff Validation)


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