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ESOS Phase 3: 1 Year To Go – Here’s what you need to know

By Delta-Simons Ltd

Attention Facilities and Compliance Managers! If your business qualifies for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), there is only 1 year left until the Phase 3 deadline on December 5th, 2023.

ESOS is a UK government program that requires certain large organisations to conduct energy audits on their buildings and industrial processes. The audits are designed to identify opportunities for energy savings and to help organisations become more energy efficient. The program is administered by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. Don’t miss this opportunity to conduct energy audits on your buildings and industrial processes to identify opportunities for energy savings, reduce your energy consumption, and become more energy efficient. In addition to the benefits of energy efficiency, participating in ESOS can also help to engage your workforce and avoid financial penalties for non-compliance.

In July 2022, the government announced key changes to ESOS phase 3 in a bid to engage more companies in the scheme including Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSEs), as well as deliver clearer guidance for ESOS requirements and enforce and elevate higher standards for energy data reporting. These changes to Phase 3, including the reduction of the de Minimis allowance from 10% to 5%, have a substantial impact on many UK businesses.

You can read about these changes in Delta-Simons Ltd latest blog: https://deltasimons.link/va3

As the deadline for submission approaches, demand for audits will increase and the number of available ESOS Lead Assessors and Auditors will decrease, so it’s important to start preparing early. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your organisation’s energy efficiency and make a positive impact on the environment.


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