Rye Memorial Hospital becomes first carbon neutral community hospital

Rye, Winchelsea & District Memorial Hospital has become the UK’s first community hospital to achieve carbon neutrality. The installation of its new renewable systems was followed by confirmation from its electricity supplier that all power now comes from fully renewable sources such as solar panels and wind power. This means that the hospital has reduced […]

Aggreko raises concerns over National Grid’s winter plans

Aggreko is emphasising the importance of diversifying on-site energy models to ensure resilience in the immediate and foreseeable future, following news that the National Grid will ask factories to voluntarily reduce electricity usage this winter to combat grid strain. The Grid has urged heavy industry to sign up to an expanded version of the demand […]

Enterprise ‘will spend $70bn on smart energy’ by end of the decade

Enterprises facing a staggering $1.73trillion global energy bill will spend $70bn on smart solutions by 2030 to achieve renewable power and energy independence. A report from ABI Research outlines how escalating energy prices pose a formidable obstacle to businesses and industries worldwide. By 2023, those prices will surge to a global $1.73 trillion enterprise spend […]

ESOS Phase 3: 1 Year To Go – Here’s what you need to know

By Delta-Simons Ltd Attention Facilities and Compliance Managers! If your business qualifies for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), there is only 1 year left until the Phase 3 deadline on December 5th, 2023. ESOS is a UK government program that requires certain large organisations to conduct energy audits on their buildings and industrial processes. […]

87% of business leaders expect to increase sustainability investment in short-term

87% of business leaders expect to increase their organization’s investment in sustainability over the next two years. Customers are the primary stakeholder group creating pressure for organizations to invest or act on sustainability issues, selected by 80% of executives, followed by investors (60%) and regulators (55%). “Sustainability enables businesses to cope with disruption,” said Kristin […]

OPINION: EU carbon market in the crossfire of the energy crisis and legislative changes

By Riham Wahba, Market Analyst at Vertis Environmental Finance The EU ETS, covering Europe’s carbon-intensive industries, establishes emission reduction targets for more than 11,000 installations. Such entities were responsible for more than 1.3 billion tons of CO2 emissions in 2021. Besides these companies, in 2018, the European Commission opened the market to financial entities; hence, […]

Lithium batteries for emergency lighting: What you need to know

By René Joppi, Managing Director, Mackwell Rechargeable lithium battery technology first emerged in commercial products in the early 1990s and has since grown in popularity. The development of lithium batteries was driven by the need for higher energy density, with portable electronic devices and electric vehicles being the main application areas. However, lithium batteries are […]

Save Water, Save Energy – And how our experts can help you

By Water Plus With the spotlight on energy costs and increasing focus on what organisations are doing to reduce impacts on the environment, there are small steps that can be taken now to help in the future. Using less hot water through small steps like tap aerators in kitchens and facilities and cutting any areas […]