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Digital Pest Management – Innovating pest control for facility managers

Traditional methods of pest management are based around ‘generations old’ methods of manually checking each control point and bait station. This ‘manual’ method is not only very time consuming and inefficient, but it also relies on the service technician recalling the status of every control point inspected, its precise location and manually writing up a report.

‘There has to be a better way!’ Well now there is! – Bayer Digital Pest Management

Gary Nicholas, UK and IE Bayer sales manager for Digital Pest Management, discusses the technology behind the system and how it can benefit facility managers…

Digital Pest Management

Digital Pest Management is a monitoring system designed in conjunction with Microsoft to make rodent management and control across commercial sites much more efficient, transparent and targeted.

It is a cloud-based system which remotely inspects every control point or bait station, every day of the year, and produces a data based digital report together with real time capture alerts to show when rodents are active.

The system also improves sustainability through reduced and precise use of chemicals and rodenticides.

This is innovation that will bring integrated pest management into the 21st century, giving pest managers, facility managers and the clients they work with, the knowledge, traceability and transparency to efficiently and sustainably manage rodents on all sites and across all industries! – Win, Win, Win!

The traps are similar in appearance to those already widely in use to control rodents, but what makes Bayer’s unique, is the specialist smart technology contained within the base of the trap.

This technology provides facility managers with a wealth of useful data including:

  • A digital site plan showing the precise location of each individual trap. Our smart traps are represented on the digital site plan by icons which change colour depending on their status. No more guessing or ‘not knowing’ where traps are located and what state of service they are in.
  • Real time trigger and capture notifications which can be sent to facility manager’s devices, or indeed anyone that is authorised to receive alerts through the system software.
  • Heat mapping technology which provides invaluable data on current and historic rodent activity, where it is reducing, increasing and importantly where there is no activity.
  • Daily diagnostic system checks on every trap on every site, which provides facility managers with automated digital reports on status and activity. This is the equivalent of having all traps inspected, serviced and digitally reported on 365 days a year. A real time 24/7 integrated pest management system.
  • An audit ready system fully supported by the Bayer Digital Pest Management team based right here in the UK.

All of this ensures that facility managers can be fully compliant with their pest management obligations.

How can Digital Pest Management benefit facility managers?

Due to the flexibility of Digital Pest Management, it can be installed in sites such as:

  • Food industry facilities
  • Shopping centres & retail parks
  • Hotels, hospitality/events venues and stadiums
  • Office complexes
  • Education facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Warehousing and logistics facilities
  • Plus, many more…

The system can also be used on long or short-term projects such as construction and development sites. Access can often be restricted on these sites and physical attendance can be reduced, so Digital Pest Management can be beneficial.

Another benefit for facility managers is the historic data storage on the Bayer cloud database. With this information and the analytics produced from it, they can work alongside their pest managers to identify reoccurring problem areas, predict future activity and where infestations are likely to occur, thus allowing the root causes of infestations to be identified and future infestations prevented.

The daily data reports are particularly useful on sites comprising of multiple businesses and occupants, as it can provide facility managers with the evidence required to flag these problems to the specific businesses.

Innovative technology such as Digital Pest Management can greatly enhance site management, allowing facility managers to improve efficiency, traceability and transparency when it comes to pest control.

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