1st & 2nd July 2024
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Contact cleaning sector receives boost ahead of Brexit

A new report on the commercial cleaning equipment market has found that sales showed above inflation growth in 2018, though manufacturers and distributors face several challenges and shifting product trends.

The 270 page report from MTW Research suggests the cleaning equipment market has increased by 15%, boosted by product development – particularly in the powered cleaning machine market.

Whilst Brexit represents a key threat to the cleaning equipment market in 2018, forecasts are positive with above inflation growth likely to 2022.

MTW suggest the Brexit transition phase should offer stability for the cleaning equipment market, though highlights varying product trends and growth across the market.

Powered cleaning machine sales will outperform the cleaning equipment market in 2018, representing the fastest paced sector of the commercial cleaning market equipment.

The hard floor cleaning machine market is exhibiting healthy growth, with volume demand in the vacuum cleaner market and pressure washer market positive in 2018.

The market for these products will exceed £300 million for the first time in 2018, exhibiting growth of more than 50% since 2012.

The report reveals a number of positive product trends within the powered cleaning market.

MTW Director Mark Waddy said: “Whilst price deflation remains apparent in the cleaning equipment market, manufacturers are successfully differentiating themselves and their products. Demand for high quality, user friendly cleaning equipment which enhances efficiency continues to underpin growth for the cleaning equipment market, offsetting the threat of lower priced imports.”

The report also reviews the cleaning chemicals market, finding that whilst demand is strong for ‘antibacterial’ chemicals and ‘deep cleaning’, opportunities for growth in the environmentally friendly chemicals sector are significant in 2018. Often perceived as being ‘safer’ for the cleaning contractor and the end user, ‘green’ chemicals and more environmentally friendly cleaning processes are likely to continue to grow share of the cleaning chemicals market in the longer term.

A focus on hygiene across the spectrum of end use sectors continues to underpin the cleaning chemicals sector, with manufacturers of cleaning equipment working more closely with chemical suppliers to offer enhanced cleaning solutions. MTW report a 30% increase in cleaning chemicals over the review period, with growth set to outstrip inflation to 2022.


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