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CASE STUDY: Principled Storage – Ultimate physical storage solutions

By Principled Storage

Principled Storage provides the ultimate physical storage solution in the UK, at the most competitive rates. Formed in 2017, with the objective of supplying a convenient and economic data storage solution which is fully compliant with legislation for companies, Principled Storage is the ideal partner for any company seeking reliable, compliant physical document storage.

Our innovation is our storage box, which is unique to our company and is unrivalled. It holds 20% more documentation than any comparable product offered by competitors. It is made of high-tensile plastic rather than cardboard, making it more sustainable and cost-effective and also safeguards the documentation from the elements and damp.

Once the boxes have been filled, they are secured by the client with a tamper-proof security tag, so we never see what is in the box. Each box is given a unique serial number, which is provided to the client, who will then assign their own reference which means that are able to keep a content record if they require a box retrieval. Our boxes are labelled with the serial numbers, but no other information, therefore no one would know what is kept in each box.

Additionally, our boxes are equipped with RFID labels, which enables them to be fully traceable, point-to-point, through the whole process. We have an excellent software application which provides us with the ability to provide this service.

This systematic approach, combined with the fact that boxes are stored offsite from the client’s premises, makes our innovative solution fully GDPR compliant.

The success we have achieved in a very short amount of time has been remarkable. We are a small team here at Principled Storage, and we are consistently working together in different roles and tasks to achieve the end goal. We love that our team are all multi-skilled and we encourage everyone to learn new things continually.

Our team has already grown, and will continue to grow as business expands. Our employees are able to ask for training which enables them to be more efficient and effective in their role, and this will always be provided subject to availability. As a small business, we love to watch our team members progress through their careers.

Employee engagement is an imperative part of our business plan to determine financial success. The more our employees feel valued, the more the business will reflect this in terms of financial growth.

Our team has also been working extremely hard to achieve the ISO 9001:2015, which in May 2019, paid off and we were awarded the accreditation. This shows the commitment and dedication our team has in delivering our services to the highest international standards.



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