5 Minutes With… Lina Bubulyte, Head of Operations at Principled Storage

In a wide ranging interview¬†Lina Bubulyte, Head of Operations at Principled Storage, discusses how the Hertfordshire-based company is tackling the data storage needs of UK businesses with RFID technology, the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the potential for 5G to shake up the market… Tell us about your company, products and services. Principled Storage is […]

CASE STUDY: Principled Storage – Ultimate physical storage solutions

By Principled Storage Principled Storage provides the ultimate physical storage solution in the UK, at the most competitive rates.¬†Formed in 2017, with the objective of supplying a convenient and economic data storage solution which is fully compliant with legislation for companies, Principled Storage is the ideal partner for any company seeking reliable, compliant physical document […]

Principled Storage offers a completely secure document storage product

By Principled Storage During the production of our document storage boxes, any parts that do not meet our manufacturers high quality standards are granulated back into pellet form to be used in the next cycle. As they are made of high-tensile plastic, they last substantially longer than cardboard boxes. Our boxes have a lifespan of […]

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Principled Storage

Principled Storage are a Hertfordshire based company, that offers the ultimate solution to efficient and compliant physical document storage. Following the implementation of new data protection legislation, companies are legally required to ensure the secure storage of their clients information, and with many businesses still reliant on paper documents, there is now an increasing requirement […]