1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

Permit Management – Get to the Front of the Pack


Providing a service to the facilities management sector allows us to speak to people from a variety of organisations of all sizes. Some of these businesses are bold in their decision making, have a vision and are interested in change. Others less so.  

It’s not all about making bold or brave decisions, rather it’s about understanding how changing your business process can positively impact other aspects of how you do the job and ultimately, ‘Is it worth making that change?’ Our system can deliver a worthwhile change.  

At TAP our most popular module is our Permit to Work (PTW) Module.  Our clients know the importance of managing risk and have put their faith in TAP, the most comprehensive system for the facilities management sector.

Our PTW module has been built from scratch which enabled the design team to think about integrating the process with TAP’s other features to save time on how permits are requested, approved, and managed.  For example, vertically integrating the service with our Helpdesk and Visitor Management modules avoids having to duplicate data entry and reinforces communication within the team and stakeholders.  Linking with our Stacking Plan enhances permit conflict management and avoids unnecessary risk.

But most importantly the system offers data and intelligent insight.  Our clients who utilise these modules, have been catapulted to the front of the pack when it comes to demonstrating a comprehensive Safe System of Work.  The surfacing of data has helped our clients concentrate on different aspects such as staff training (to reinforce competencies), supplier performance (to ensure a high quality of service) and knowing there’s a consistency of service across multiple properties.  

But it’s about unlocking some of those simple snippets of data that help improve a service, such as how permits are raised across our portfolio, which properties raise the most and which raise very few.  What strain on the on-site team does a new occupier place on the risk profile of a property?  Is it right a building should see over 1,000 permits raised in one year?  Do I have the right resource and competencies to deliver safety?

It’s not about being bold, it’s about being confident in partnering with a company who understands.  

For more information visit www.tap-in.co.uk


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