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100 inches worth thinking about

Introducing the 100-inch BRAVIA Professional Display, FW-100BZ40J. Designed for business use, the product is equally suited to the residential market.

At first glance, the size is certainly impressive. The display itself is 226cm wide, almost 130cm high and 9.8cm thick. It weighs 88.9kg. But the most important feature is the image quality. 

Needs met at the highest level

Superior image quality is assured thanks to the Sony Cognitive Processor XR. The processor uses cognitive intelligence to adapt video and audio to the viewer’s vision and hearing. It works like a human brain, comprehensively analysing multiple elements. It divides the screen into zones to find points of focus. Each element is corrected in conjunction with the others, creating a consistent and natural image. Through advanced analysis, the processor is able to perfectly match the sound to the image on the screen, transforming audio signal into 3D surround sound.

Image quality is supported by Full Array Local Dimming, which allows for a maximum brightness of 940 cd/m2 (average 600 cd/m2). This means that the monitor brilliantly displays 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content with extra detail in the brightest and darkest parts of the image.

Fast movement displayed on a large screen sometimes produces a blurring effect. The BRAVIA FW-100BZ40J features the latest LED XR X-Motion Clarity™ technology, which optimises the length of frame display and increases brightness, resulting in a clear, smooth image. Thought-out business functions

The BRAVIA and displayed content can be customised for specific applications using Pro Mode. The display runs with the SoC-based Android TV operating system. This means it starts up quickly, applications run smoothly and the user experience is seamless. It works with 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks and also features Bluetooth 4.2. Installation is easy with IP control, while wireless content streaming using Chromecast built-in and AirPlay 2 allows you to quickly connect mobile devices and share content.

The BRAVIA display comes with a 3-year eliteSupport warranty as standard, which can be extended up to 5 years.

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FREE white paper reveals how to make your office Covid-secure

Facilities managers face a monumental challenge – preparing the workplace for the return of its workforce.

To lend a helping hand, Zip has launched a FREE whitepaper, published in partnership with Facilities Management Journal, which reveals top tips from industry experts about modifying the workplace for a covid-secure return to work.

Read ‘6 Steps to Facilities Management in the Post Pandemic World’ to find out more on ways to keep the workforce safe, what a post-pandemic office might look like, how to create a space of belonging, strategies for managing c-suite and finally, ways to encourage staff back and generate trust.

Download your copy today – you’ll just need to input your email address and the 34-page, easy to read whitepaper packed with useful hints and advice will be at your fingertips.

Don’t forget you can also benefit from Zip Water’s touch-free trial!

One simple way to make your workplace more covid-secure is to install touch-free technologies such as our industry-leading HydroTap. Zip is offering a free 60-day trial, which includes its popular touch-free infrared sensor operated model.

Simply sign up and one of our team will be in touch to arrange a site visit and installation. It’s entirely free.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Derwent Facilities Management – Planned Preventative Maintenance

By Derwent fm

Derwent fm offer a total facilities management service that can be procured as a whole or individually, one key service that we often are asked to supply is planned preventative maintenance which ensures any building is running in the most efficient way possible and can operate to its fullest potential.

Key benefits customers enjoy are:

  • Saving you money on costly, urgent repairs by greatly reducing the chances that maintenance will need to be carried out in an emergency
  • Minimising unplanned downtime, closures or lost working hours
  • Keeping your premises health and safety complaint
  • Streamlining a range of maintenance services into one easy to manage and cost-effective facilities management package
  • Our services are built around our client’s individual circumstances and all planned maintenance schedules are fully tailored to your needs
  • Keeping your premises looking their best as well as running smoothly and efficiently

As part of a facilities management contract with Derwent fm, our engineers will arrange a timetable of scheduled visits. By planning in advance, we can minimise disruption to your organisation.

Our team will also get to know your premises – its equipment, electrics, building fabric etc. – so they will be well positioned to identify and rectify potential problems quickly and professionally.

Our maintenance teams are also available through our 24/7 helpdesk when emergency repairs are required. This covers any unforeseen emergencies caused by external factors, such as extreme weather or vandalism.

For more information, visit:

Adding social value with facilities management contracts

By Derwent fm

Derwent fm provide facilities management services for a number of buildings at Brindley Place in Birmingham, which are the offices for the organising committee of a major sporting event to be held in the city in 2022.

As part of our wider objectives as a business to bring about positive change in our wider communities (which is also closely aligned with our client’s mission). We sought a catering partner which will deliver a positive social impact that will help the region grow and succeed.

Birmingham based Evolve is a not-for-profit social enterprise giving support to 16 – 25-year-olds who face barriers to employment. They provide training and employment opportunities to young people via their not-for-profit coffee shops where young people are trained as Baristas on 6 – 12 month fixed term contracts.

Evolve’s second active coffee shop is now opening and operating at Brindley Place. The space has been donated rent free by our client as part of the social impact and legacy value associated with the city hosting a major sporting event.

Service started in May 21 and will, once the whole team are in place, be able to serve up to 800 customers each day from the buildings been used by the organising committee (at their peak occupancy in 2022). All profits raised from the coffee shop will be re-invested into the sporting events legacy fund for the city.

You can read the full article here.

Leveraging data to transform your car park

By Parkingeye

A car park can be a valuable asset for any business, bookending a visitor’s experience with your brand and services. There are several ways to improve how a car park operates, from increasing the options for cashless payment to offering new services such as charging for electric vehicles (EV). But how do you decide which options will have the most impact on your car park?

You utilise your data

Parkingeye log over 4 million pieces of data every day, and place that information into the hands of FM professionals across virtually every sector to aid decision-making and track performance.

These insights include fuel analysis, allowing businesses to track the vehicles using their site and assessing the right time to invest in their EV infrastructure. This empowers companies working towards achieving net-zero emissions targets and bolsters their green credentials.

ANPR data also looks at the payment methods used on a site. If you’re seeing an increase in card payments, or customers using pay-by-mobile, for example, you might consider moving away from cash payments and focusing solely on cashless alternatives. You can also utilise occupancy data, charting the peaks and troughs in how busy your car park is, then consider opening available space for pre-booking. This can give your business access to previously unrealised margin-rich revenue streams.

We’ve worked alongside FM teams across all sectors, from healthcare to hotels and helped them to achieve incredible results within their estate.

To find out more click here.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: IPL Global’s EcoSort Recycling System

By IPL Global

The EcoSort Recycling System provides an aesthetic, flexible, functional, and easy to use solution for collecting recyclable materials in the workplace.

Our EcoSort range includes a 60-Litre Midi and a 70-Litre Maxi, both of which are completely interchangeable and come with a variety of lid options as well as a wide range of colour and graphical options. This versatility allows for the creation of a truly unique and uniquely customised recycling solution to fit any workplace environment.

In our current climate, minimising non-essential contact is critical. COVID-19 and other germs are distributed primarily by droplets produced by coughing, sneezing, talking, and exhaling. Those droplets can then land on nearby objects and can then transfer from surfaces onto your skin.

Therefore, ensuring minimal contact and general hygiene acts are important practice. The EcoSort’s boasts a number of non-touch lid options- making our recycling bin an excellent solution when it comes to not spreading germs.

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Industry Spotlight: phs Compliance

phs Compliance is one of the UK’s leading providers of workplace compliance and building engineering services, offering everything businesses need to stay safe and compliant.

Fully accredited by all leading industry regulatory bodies, phs Compliance has the largest team of specialist statutory testing operators in the industry. It provides statutory electrical services including testing (including PAT tests and fixed electrical testing), inspection services, maintenance, and remedial work. As the UK’s leading provider of electrical testing with nationwide coverage, phs Compliance ensures workplaces of all sizes stay safe and compliant.

phs Compliance also offers a comprehensive project design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for fire and security systems.

Accredited to the highest standards, phs Compliance offers significant experience, technical expertise and nationwide capability to support customers’ capital expenditure project needs for fire systems and security systems.

phs Compliance also offers expert project management services, including the design, supply and installation of everything from power and lighting to electric vehicle charging points.

With over 400 engineers across the UK, phs Compliance delivers more than 14 million compliance inspections for 35,000 customer sites nationwide every year.

The experienced and professional team pride themselves on delivering their services to the highest standards at times convenient to our customers.

The Future Workplace – Making it seamless and secure

Rob Hancock, Head of Platform at Giacom

After many months of changing lockdown rules where companies have had to implement remote and hybrid working policies accordingly, businesses are looking to the future beyond COVID-19 as workforces return to their offices. But what will the future workplace look like? 

According to new research, businesses have found that their employees prefer a mixture of remote and office-based working, with over three-quarters of staff wanting a hybrid approach long term. Proving that they can work just as successfully and productively from home, it is now the employer’s job to adapt their business model to support both remote and office-based working. Rob Hancock (pictured), Head of Platform at Giacom explains how the channel can support organisations when making this transition in a seamless and secure way.

An Evolving Landscape

The pace of change businesses in all industries had to undergo over 2020 highlighted the importance of being agile during challenging times. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation, as without the right technology in place, organisations will either sink or swim.

The role of the channel has been to continuously support its customers through the journey of adapting to remote working and digitally transforming in order to stay ahead. By educating customers on the importance of security, as well as the available technologies and strategies that can support their transition, they will have the right support system in place to maintain business as usual – or even unlock additional productivity – during unprecedented times.

Organisations are trying to be agile to survive, but there is always room for improvement. Quickly and easily responding to change needs to become a core competence natively for all businesses to be able to adapt, as it’s clear that this is not a problem that’s going to go away overnight. By working with a reliable partner, companies will have the right tools in place in order for them to succeed through the pandemic and into the future.

Leveraging Existing Technologies to Collaborate

Technology plays a key role in the smooth transition to a ‘new normal,’ keeping virtual teams engaged while enabling seamless and secure communication within a dispersed workforce. Digital solutions must be able to support both employees who choose to work from home, as well as those who have returned to the office.

The channel’s role in enabling seamless collaboration and communication is vital in order to combat any further disruption and keep businesses functioning. MSPs must rethink how they can best support their customers, while embracing new and innovative ways of working to fulfil their demands and expectations. Vendors who offer a range of products to fit diverse needs and the tools to deliver outstanding customer service won’t only help businesses right now, but will help unlock long term productivity, security and collaboration.

The pandemic has significantly accelerated the adoption and usage of cloud solutions to support remote working. Many businesses already had these tools in place, but just weren’t using them effectively across their workforce. For example, many companies have Microsoft 365 deployed, which includes Microsoft Teams. These organisations have had access to such video conferencing tools, but had not needed to use it effectively until COVID-19. Since March 2020 Microsoft Teams has experienced a mass surge of users, jumping by 70% to 75 million daily active users.

Additionally, COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for the interest in virtual desktop solution such as Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), which provides each member of the workforce with the same IT environment, regardless of the device including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) they’re using and whether they are remote or office-based. The desktop effectively becomes cloud-hosted, providing a more secure electronic perimeter which replicates that of the physical office, making it easier to manage one central location.

The Importance of Security

When implementing a hybrid approach, security becomes a complex issue, as the risk landscape has changed. In the office, it’s easier to manage and control security within a physical perimeter and managed environment. As soon as you have a scattered workforce, this perimeter disappears, and now organisations have to put in place additional digital protocols to mitigate any cyber risks. Having a good quality MSP partner that understands the importance of security, and thinks about it in a proactive way is key for end customers.

Using technologies such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide secure access from home into remote business systems enables users to securely access systems that the business wants them to gain entry to, but more importantly, making sure that outsiders can’t.

However, fundamentally, the biggest weakness in an organisation’s security infrastructure is the human user. Cybercriminals are always upgrading their tactics, often more quickly than businesses can train their staff. In order to keep up to date, businesses must take a more proactive approach and utilise cybersecurity resources, such as security training and threat detection tools.


Without education and support from the channel, businesses will struggle to keep pace with the amount of change and understand what tools they need to survive and thrive. Reliable partners are needed now more than ever to support companies with workforces working from home and also in the office.

Offices will become places that people visit less frequently, perhaps only to collaborate and to host necessary meetings. Successfully implementing a hybrid approach is still a work in progress for many, and collectively, the channel will begin to find better ways of working and implementing this strategy. Of course, existing and new technologies will continue to play a key role in this transition as we undergo the next digital transformation.

How to take control of your parking problems

By Parkingeye

FM teams have a broad remit, working across many aspects of an estate. Regardless of sector, these teams are incredibly busy, and issues emerging in one area can hinder efficiency.

By leveraging ANPR on your car parks, it’s possible to access a wealth of solutions that can transform how your site operates, remove congestion, complaints and delays from the working day, and give FM teams time back to focus in other areas. Solutions can virtually eliminate complaints, reduce the levels of parking abuse on a site in as little as three months and drive parking revenue increases of up to 40%.

ANPR is generating results for businesses of all sizes, from healthcare and education to retail and hotels – each able to demonstrate incredible time, revenue, and user satisfaction improvements within their estate.

To find out how your business can optimise this hugely valuable capital asset, click here.

The prestige solution to improve glazing performance

By William Smith

Without doubt, the leading window film brand if you’re looking for a spectrally selective optically clear sun control film is 3M Prestige. But what is so good about this product over anything else? How does a spectrally selective film work anyway?

Solar heat comes from two primary sources, the visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel. Prestige Series window films use non metallized, multi-layer optical film and nano technology to reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light, but also reject up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows.

Prestige window films also reject up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays to reduce fading of your furnishings. So, not only do they keep you and your room cool and comfortable, but they also protect your valuables, curtains and carpets from fading too.

3M Prestige window films are constructed of nanolayers of film to be able to be the true definition of spectrally selective. The 3M difference lies in the precision with which light waves are controlled when they pass through or reflect off the hundreds of layers of film.

So if you’re looking for a solution to reduce solar heat gain, fade and glare, you might want to consider an optically clear window film such as 3M Prestige. Get in touch for a free sample and to find out more

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