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WEBINAR: Critical Communications for Facility and Campus Professionals

Facility teams and security professionals all face incredibly challenging conditions. With more than 50 years of experience working with Public Safety Services, Tait has designed a specific, holistic solution for commercial and higher education facilities.

Join our free webinar to learn how voice & data communications between users in the field and control center operators help facility teams remotely manage facilities for greater efficiency and reliability.

Why attend this Webinar?

This webinar is especially for facility and safety professionals. Join us on Wednesday, 19th May, at 10:00 AM to learn how you can benefit from a unified critical communications solution.

We will provide an overview of the solution and discuss different use case scenarios that can all operate simultaneously on the robust and reliable Tait Communications platform.

Date and Time

Wednesday, May, 19th, 2021
10:00 AM – 10:40 AM (BST)

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Benefits will include:

  • Infrastructure and equipment to support
    multi-bearer voice interoperability
  • Control Room Dispatcher Software
  • GPS Location Data and Geofencing
  • Smartphone Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • Inbuilt Safety Features (Lone Worker)
  • Multi-colour radio options for different teams
  • Alarm Integration
  • Text Messaging

Date and Time

Wednesday, May, 19th, 2021
10:00 AM – 10:40 AM (BST)

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Track assets more efficiently with fully customisable RFID labelling solutions

Brady Corporation can design the optimal RFID labelling solution for asset tracking and inventory management that can fit any surface. Customisation options include select antennas, chips, optional sensors, label materials, adhesives and prints. Brady specialists are ready to assist you in finding the right combination of RFID products to solve your identification need.

An RFID label tailored to your environment

Brady leverages all of its knowledge and capabilities to provide complex industries with unique RFID labelling solutions tailored to specific applications and environments. Customisable RFID label components include RFID antennas, chips, optional sensors, adhesives, industrial grade label material, label shape and colour, label preprints and preprogramming. The high level of customisation enables RFID read range modification, applications that require abrasion, chemical, oil or outdoor resistance, and applications both on- and off-metal surfaces.

Leverage RFID benefits in any industrial environment

Scan and identify or locate multiple items at once from a distance, or 1 by 1 in close proximity. RFID benefits include efficiencies in goods receiving, picking, loading and shipping, in production, in assembly, in maintenance and in inventory tracking, monitoring and auditing. With handheld scanners and strategically placed fixed scanners, almost any item can be tracked and traced automatically.

A complete solution

Brady can provide a complete solution that includes print-and-programme RFID printers and scanners for custom RFID labels. Software can be provided and integrated to manage RFID driven processes, which can include proximity detection, maintenance or installation guidance, shipment control, warehouse forklift automation or simple item counting at specific scanner gates.

Discover Brady’s complete RFID solution, read the case studies & download the guide >>

How can SmartServ Pro help you monitor your underground assets remotely?

By Kingspan

Over the past 12 months, the global pandemic has encouraged us all to adapt to a new way of working, whether that be monitoring more sites due to furlough, or monitoring your assets remotely from the comfort of your home office. Due to these changes, many Facility Managers have adapted how they manage their sites and assets to ensure they continue to function as expected remotely.

This is where we believe Kingspan’s SmartServ Pro remote monitoring software can help you, offering the ability to monitor your underground assets at the touch of a button from your phone or computer.

With Kingspan’s SmartServ Pro you can receive instant alerts should the status of your asset change. The SmartServ Pro unit can be fitted to your new or existing underground wastewater asset, including; separators, pumps or sewage treatment plants. This unit then connects to the internal floats and power source of your assets to monitor their status, including levels, power supply or any other issues that may arise.

Bridging the gap between your SmartServ Pro unit and your computer or phone is the SmartServ Pro Portal. The SmartServ Pro unit monitoring your system then communicates with the SmartServ Pro portal, giving you access to the information from your wastewater asset at the touch of a button. The portal shows all of your assets across the site in one place, displaying real-time information and any warning. Should an issue occur the portal will automatically generate an email or text message alert to your phone or computer, allowing you to arrange to have it resolved before flooding or pollution occurs.

With Kingspan’s SmartServ Pro asset monitoring solution you could benefit from;

  • Real-time data on the condition of your below ground wastewater assets.
  • Automatic alerts sent directly to your phone or email.
  • Total visibility with access to assets anytime, anywhere with the SmartServ Pro Portal.
  • The ability to efficiently plan for service and maintenance visits.
  • Ongoing support from our Kingspan team

If you would like more information on our SmartServ Pro remote monitoring software please visit our website:, or if you would like to book free a demo please call 0333 240 6868 or email

Getting the facts straight about electrical testing

“Electrical testing is something that every single business has to do, regardless of current restrictions, but there is a lot of conflicting information about what electrical items need to be tested, and how often,” says Darren Blackbird, Sales Director at leading electrical testing and maintenance provider phs Compliance.

“The advice does not always take into account different types of business environments either, making it all the harder to ensure compliance.

“The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that all electrical equipment in the workplace must be suitable for use and maintained to ensure it is safe. However, it does not specify how equipment should be maintained, how often it needs attention or who should carry out any maintenance, often leaving a question mark hanging over this important issue.

“Adding to the confusion is the misconception that you can simply delay or push back electrical testing because of the current pandemic, and that is leaving many businesses vulnerable. No-one wants to put their employees, their job or their business at risk.

“Generally, regular PAT testing and fixed wire testing are recommended by the experts as the best way to feel confident that you are meeting your legal obligations.

“PAT testing applies to portable electrical items, such as kettles, drills, laptops and computers, and fixed wire testing is relevant to fixed electrical installations, such as lighting or heating systems.

“The responsibility is placed on the duty holder to assess the risk level and decide on the frequency of inspections. This is usually determined by the type of equipment, how often it is being used and whether the working environment is considered high risk or low risk. Good practice is an annual test.

“For example, a drill used multiple times every day on a construction site will need more frequent inspections than a vacuum cleaner in a holiday let.

“Within BS 7671 it is recommended that electrical installations are tested everyone to five years, however this is dependant on the type of electrical installation, how often it is used and whether it’s in a low or high-risk environment. These frequencies are the maximum recommended, but again it is at the discretion of the duty holder and should depend on the type of electrical installation, how often it is used and whether it’s in a low or high-risk environment.

“Most offices require less frequent testing – once every five years, for example. However, a higher risk environment, like a swimming pool, which would be exposed to high levels of moisture, or an industrial unit with high dust levels, would require more frequent testing to ensure safety. This would more likely be everyone year for swimming pools and three years for industrial sites.

“It can be a minefield, which is why many businesses turn to a professional to ensure their equipment is correctly maintained. With expert advice, guidance and testing, they can feel confident that they are compliant.”

Click to view phs Compliance’s free PAT Testing Guide or Fixed Wire Testing Guide for further information.

With over 50 years’ experience, phs Compliance is one of the UK’s leading providers of facilities management and compliance services with over 400 engineers across the UK. As well as electrical, mechanical and fire safety testing and maintenance services, phs Compliance also provides specialist electrical and mechanical project services, including design, supply and installation for everything from power to lighting.

Future-proof your office space with Mapiq

The office has changed from a daily home base for employees to a flexible workspace for meetings and collaboration. Has your space changed with it?

Mapiq’s simple, smart, and social tools boost the employee experience, help you get the most out of your space, and give data insights into building usage.

All so you can make better decisions about your facilities, cost reduction strategies, and flex work policies. Simply integrate the hardware and software into your smart office and let us help you build a better place to work.

Are you ready for the next chapter of work?

Click here to find out more.

BS 1710-compliant pipe markers for more safety at work

By Brady

British Standard 1710-compliant, industrial-grade pipe markers that can be applied to any pipe will help you to clearly identify pipes for more safety at work. Discover the complete BS 1710 pipe marker offer from Brady, read about colour scheme, download the brochure and see the infographic!

Clearly highlight hidden pipe contents with British Standard 1710-compliant pipe markers, printed on reliable pipe marker materials that stay attached and remain legible in tough conditions.

Clear pipe identification for increased safety

  • clear and highly recognisable British Standard 1710-compliant pipe marking
  • easily visualise the contents inside your pipes
  • warn against any risks related to pipe contents

Reliable on any pipe in many environments

  • resists high and low temperatures, chemicals and fuels
  • can fit any pipe diameter
  • self-adhesive, adhesive strip, magnetic and mountable application options


  • no need to deep-dive into the norm, our pipe markers are compliant
  • ready-to-apply pipe markers for delivery anywhere in the world
  • print-at-your-premises using pipe diameter and substance input”

Curious about British Standard 1710 pipe markers?

Discover Brady’s British Standard 1710 pipe marker offer >>

WEBINAR: How to easily manage Lockout/Tagout with Link360 management software solution & procedure writing services

Get acquainted with Brady Safety Management software solutions & the Brady Lockout Tagout Service offer during the short dedicated webinar. Read a case study on how a large food processor increased the efficiency of Lockout/Tagout procedures for safer maintenance with support from Brady. The customer has now fully optimised Lockout/Tagout with a clear view on all Lockout procedures and on all machinery in use at 2 production sites.

Zero maintenance accidents with Lockout/Tagout/Tryout

Brady Safety Webinar: 23rd March 2021, 14:00-14:45 GMT

  • » LoTo safety procedures enable maintenance engineer teams to safely perform their jobs.
  • » Brady offers a safety management software for Lockout/Tagout procedure management. This software is called Link360.
  • » Brady engineers have created thousands of lockout procedures for hundreds of companies in various industries. They can write your Lockout procedures too.

Brady offers a complete Lockout/Tagout service. The most recommended solution called Full VLOP and includes an on-site audit, training and specific Lockout procedures for all your machines in LINK360.

Free webinar – Register now >>

The case study: Optimised Lockout/Tagout with a clear view on all Lockout procedures and on all machinery in use at 2 production sites

A large food processor already had a number of Lockout/Tagout solutions in place. However, as the number of machines increased and became more complex, the need to optimise existing Lockout/Tagout procedures became a priority. The food processor wanted a practical system that could offer a clear view on all Lockout procedures and on all machinery in use at 2 production sites.

Brady Solution: Lockout procedure writing service & software for management system

We proposed full Lockout/Tagout Services for both sites. After a kickoff meeting to fine-tune the scope of each service, Brady sent an overview of all deliverables with a clear pricing system and an ambitious 6-month horizon for final delivery.

A Brady engineer visited both sites, accompanied by an experienced customer maintenance professional. During these visits, our engineer looked closely at every machine in use, took notes and pictures to write efficient, machine specific Lockout/ Tagout procedures. Our engineer also illustrated the procedures with machine and energy control point pictures for fast recognition on the work floor.

Customer stakeholders received illustrated procedures via Brady’s unique LINK360 Safety Procedure Management Software. The software offers a clear view on all Lockout procedures in use and can be accessed by stakeholders across sites to approve, edit, scale, print or digitally share procedures. Brady provided LINK360 training so that our customer can keep the procedure management software up to date independently.

Lockout devices were already available at both sites to block energy control points in the off-position, together with safety padlocks to lock the devices in place. Brady can easily supply additional devices and padlocks if needed, complete with padlock engraving and key charting.

Results: Optimised, efficient Lockout/Tagout

While Lockout/Tagout procedure writing was ongoing for the 2 sites, our customer increased the scope to include another site in the same country, and 1 more in a neighbouring country. At all 4 sites, we are now looking into making a total of 1000+ efficient, machine specific best practice Lockout/Tagout procedures available to relevant employees on smartphones and tablets with the Brady Smart Lockout App.

Discover Link360 & Watch a video >>

Brady Corporation Ltd.

Effortlessly (and Remotely) Manage Your Below-Ground Assets

By Kingspan

Managing below-ground drainage products across a company’s estate can be a huge challenge at the best of times. Ensuring that a company’s collective separators, pump stations and sewage treatment plants are all working safely and correctly is difficult when they aren’t always easily accessible and may be widely distributed across remote geographical locations.

The situation has become even more complex during the lockdown as the COVID pandemic continues. 

Travel restrictions are still in place for the foreseeable, which means large numbers of facilities team members are working off-site. But this constraint doesn’t reduce the need for companies to maintain vigilance over their underground assets.

It remains a requirement for all UK businesses under current EN 858-2 legislation in order to protect the environment and public health from local pollution events.

Kingspan’s brilliant SmartServ Pro system now offers facilities teams an all-encompassing solution to the problem of visibility and at a relatively low-cost (

The benefits the SmartServ Pro brings include not just easy monitoring, legal compliance and optimum asset performance, but also significant time and cost-savings for a company.

How can SmartServ Pro help FMs save time and money?

Once installed, SmartServ Pro sends alerts to users about the need for servicing and emptying of an asset as and when required, rather than simply when a tankering contract requires it.

The system gives immediate notification of a drop in performance of any individual asset, along with details of the problem (ie. which component is failing) in order to give teams the information they need to action a repair.

This not only delivers significant time savings, but also avoids the disruption and costs associated with unnecessary tankering, plus it ensures both an asset management register and a management plan is in place.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an outsourced management solution, the Kingspan Service team can provide nationwide preventative maintenance service packages for assets such as off-mains wastewater systems and oil separators. These start at just £12.50 per month. The team’s first-fix record of 93% speaks for itself, and we only use genuine manufacturers’ parts and spares for complete peace of mind.

Joseph Shields, Kingspan Service Director, advises: “Separators, pump stations and sewage treatment plants are not fit-and-forget products; they need regular servicing and maintenance.

Many businesses choose to service them based on historic precedent rather than need – in other words when it’s been done in the past. That’s unnecessary, potentially costly and it’s very wasteful. Added to this, you could be fined for not complying with EN 858-2 guidelines or prosecuted for polluting the local environment. Kingspan’s SmartServ Pro solves all these issues. It’s a big step forward from previous asset management solutions – even those which currently use sensor technology and end-user text alerts.  And users can be confident that the system is built on tried and trusted technology and software, backed by Kingspan know-how.”

Contact us to find out more about SmartServ Pro, or book a consultation to discuss your maintenance needs for your business, by emailing or calling:

  • GB: 0333 240 6868 (GB)
  • NI: 028 3836 4600 (NI)
  • ROI: 0818 543 500 (ROI)

[Note: discounts may be available.  Please speak to one of our Kingspan Service team for details.]

Custom Lockout shadowboards: Efficient, top of mind safety in the workplace

Make safety top of mind in the workplace and optimise Lockout/Tagout efficiency with highly visible, custom lockout shadowboards. Shadowboards increase the impact of Lockout/Tagout and help to further reduce maintenance risks and accidents. Read the case study from the large e-commerce company’s warehouse.

Why custom shadowboards?

  • increase efficiency by organising relevant lockout procedures, padlocks, devices, tags and accessories on shadowboards
  • keep safety and Lockout/Tagout top of mind in the workplace with highly visible shadowboards
  • maintain efficiency by promoting the return of tools to the board with tool shadows

Interested in the custom shadowboard approach? Get a custom shadowboard layout for free!

Read the case study from a large e-commerce organisation’s warehouses, where they already use highly visible custom shadowboards to optimise Lockout/Tagout efficiency and to keep safety top of mind in the workplace.

E-commerce warehouse has increased Lockout/Tagout visibility & efficiency with shadowboards

A large e-commerce organization wanted to improve maintenance safety by facilitating the use of Lockout/Tagout and by creating visibility on ongoing maintenance projects that require Lockout/Tagout in their warehouses.

Solution: Customisable master shadowboard

Brady proposed a custom master shadowboard to create the desired visibility for ongoing lockout maintenance. The master shadowboard was installed as a pilot in one of our customer’s major warehouses.

Shadowboards make Lockout/Tagout considerably more efficient, by clearly showing employees and contractors which tools they need to retrieve, and where they need to store them after servicing a machine. After a trial period, the master shadowboard was finetuned and presented as a starting point to our customer’s other warehouses. Brady customised the master version to accommodate sitespecific needs when required.

Each shadowboard is 1.4 metres high and consists of 90 cm wide panels. The board has rounded corners, and was made out of 8 mm thick white plexiglass. These large boards, that can span one or several panels, include ‘shadows’ of every Lockout/Tagout padlock, device and accessory used in a specific workplace area. All corresponding Lockout/Tagout tools are added to the board. Shadowboards make it very easy and efficient for employees to retrieve the tools they need, and to bring them back after servicing a machine. They also very visible in the workplace and serve as a constant reminder to keep safety top of mind.

Results: Efficient and highly visible Lockout/Tagout

The large e-commerce company’s warehouse employees now have Lockout/ Tagout solutions within reach to protect themselves during machine interventions. The Lockout/Tagout padlocks, decives and accessories, as well as the tags, are presented on large, highly visible shadowboards that make it easy and fast to retrieve the right tools to protect their safety.

Get a custom shadowboard layout for free!

Brady Corporation

Are your emergency call buttons working?

By Avire

Lift entrapments are a huge risk, and it is inadvisable to wait until the alarm button is needed for the system to be tested! Currently Facilities Managers rely on their lift companies to monitor lift emergency call systems and testing of the system.

This lack of visibility means manual checks are often being carried out for peace of mind and internal records. Not only is this time consuming and costly, but in the current situation, where touching anything unnecessarily is discouraged, it would be extra beneficial to be able to stop this activity.

Avire’s secure online monitoring platform, the Avire Hub, enables Facilities Managers to monitor their lift alarm call systems and acts as a record of compliance. To be compliant lift emergency call systems must make a test call at least every three days. These test calls show that the alarm system can dial out and that everything is connected and working. The system creates an alert if the system has not made the test call.

Monitoring the status of back-up batteries, changing the emergency phone number and other functionality is also available in the Hub. Another benefit is the use of GSM based technology as many buildings could dramatically save on landline bills by moving to SIM Cards and at the same time avoid the risk of landlines being turned off based on inactivity.

The Avire Hub does not require any dedicated PC hardware for monitoring. It is easily and securely accessible from any internet capable device and can have multiple users. The system hardware can be easily installed by any lift company and Avire’s technical support team are on hand for any support if required.

Avire’s monitoring solutions offer customisable options for monitoring your lifts including emergency communications, lift movement, lift usage and door safety. We are constantly working on expanding this to include more data at your fingertips and would love to hear from you to help us with what data would be the most useful.

Get In touch for a free, no obligation conversation with one of our experts today!


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