1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

Leveraging data to transform your car park

By Parkingeye

A car park can be a valuable asset for any business, bookending a visitor’s experience with your brand and services. There are several ways to improve how a car park operates, from increasing the options for cashless payment to offering new services such as charging for electric vehicles (EV). But how do you decide which options will have the most impact on your car park?

You utilise your data

Parkingeye log over 4 million pieces of data every day, and place that information into the hands of FM professionals across virtually every sector to aid decision-making and track performance.

These insights include fuel analysis, allowing businesses to track the vehicles using their site and assessing the right time to invest in their EV infrastructure. This empowers companies working towards achieving net-zero emissions targets and bolsters their green credentials.

ANPR data also looks at the payment methods used on a site. If you’re seeing an increase in card payments, or customers using pay-by-mobile, for example, you might consider moving away from cash payments and focusing solely on cashless alternatives. You can also utilise occupancy data, charting the peaks and troughs in how busy your car park is, then consider opening available space for pre-booking. This can give your business access to previously unrealised margin-rich revenue streams.

We’ve worked alongside FM teams across all sectors, from healthcare to hotels and helped them to achieve incredible results within their estate.

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