1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

Intelligence at your fingertips with SimonsVoss SmartHandles

With its compact format, modular structure, attractive design and intelligent electronics for maximum user comfort, the SimonsVoss SmartHandle AX interior door fitting really impresses. In this version, it is operated by holding the smart card in front of the reader.

SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH with its headquarters in Unterföhring, near Munich, and a production and logistics centre in Osterfeld/Saxony-Anhalt, has been part of Allegion since September 2015 and is therefore part of a globally active network.

Since the launch of its digital locking and access control system in 1998, the company has modernised the once predominantly mechanical locking technology in line with modern technological standards and is now regarded as a European technology leader in the field of battery-powered electronic locking and access control systems.

For more information, visit www.simons-voss.com.


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