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Can solar help you save on electricity bills?

Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems present a significant opportunity for facilities managers and landlords to offer value to their tenants and occupants.

Garland UK discuss how a solar installation is a proven way to save money on electricity bills with a fast return on investment whilst reducing operational carbon across entire portfolios, helping to bring properties into line with current standards and add value to your assets…

Reason For Investment

Solar PV systems are one of the most advanced renewable energy technologies and by far the most advantageous for facilities managers to consider. As soon as they are installed, you immediately start to benefit by saving money on the operational running costs of your building, seeing a reduction in the amount of power required from the national grid, which is becoming increasingly more expensive.

Solar PV has the fastest return on investment of any onsite renewable energy generation, potentially in as little as 2 years and typically within 5 years. Ground source heat pumps, for example, usually take around 12 years.

Modern solar PV panels are built to last; for example, Garland UK’s Solarise system will still generate at least 80% of the initial output 25 years after installation, ensuring continued benefits for years to come.

Solar Yield Analysis

On a recent Garland UK project, a 52,000m2 commercial building was looking to significantly reduce its energy bills and operational carbon footprint.

Following a detailed assessment, it was discovered the business would benefit from a return on investment in just 2 years, seeing 21.8 tonnes of carbon emissions negated annually.

A series of yield calculations were carried out to see how solar PV could reduce the building’s electricity dependency on the national grid and operational carbon even further, the results of which are shown in the table below:

PV System Yield Analysis
PV Generator Energy 46,412 kWh
Direct usage by Business 38,500 kWh
Grid Feed-In 7,912 kWh
PV Installation Cost £37,665
First Year Cost Saving On Energy

(based on current energy costs)

Return on Investment 2 Years
CO₂ Emissions Avoided 21.8 tonnes per year

Reducing Energy Bills With Solar

It is important to work with a supplier partner who can clearly evaluate your building assets for a potential solar PV installation. At Garland UK, a local Technical Manager will carry out a free site survey to assess the condition of your roof assets and complete a Solar PV Yield Analysis, which will provide:

  • Expert advice on selecting the most suitable system for your business
  • Guidance on how much power your site needs
  • Annual renewable electricity generation
  • Annual carbon emissions that can be negated
  • Clear return on investment and financial analysis
  • Support with Super-Deduction Tax or Financing options

To arrange a free consultation and Solar Yield Analysis for your roof assets, speak to Garland UK today.



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