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  • Application Case: Colour-coded maintenance safety in the food industry with Lockout/Tagout

    By Brady U.K.

    A large food processor needs to de-energise and secure all machine energy sources in order to service machinery safely. They require clear visual indicators to quickly identify which specialised team neutralised specific energy sources.

    The scope of preventive maintenance includes equipment used for food handling, storage, processing, packaging, as well as any equipment not directly in the processing or packaging areas, such as air-handling units, HVAC, compressors, boilers, storage silos, temperature and humidity controls, and water backflow preventers.


    Brady proposes a complete Lockout/Tagout solution leading with unique and innovative SafeKey padlocks. SafeKey padlocks are available in 9 colours with matching colour-coded keys.

    Read about the full solution & result >>


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