Speed up maintenance to keep the wheels turning

Brady offers a wide range of identification and safety tools to support highly efficient maintenance professionals complete fast machine interventions. Test your maintenance score & download the Brady’s Maintenance visuals guidebook! Fast machine interventions: prepare fast machine interventions by identifying all machines and tools with industrial grade labels that can be barcoded with a Brady […]

Easily manage regular fire door inspections

Efficiently plan and manage fire door inspections with our SafeTrak Fire Door Inspection Management module and stay compliant with regulations. stay compliant: plan fire door inspections with 3-month or custom intervals, use a step-by-step fire door inspection template in the field that supports compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order inspect efficiently: scan your […]

Go-4-Zero accidents at work: Tips & tools to manage safety risks

According to the latest numbers from EUROSTAT, 3.2 million non-fatal accidents happened in the EU in 2015, and 3876 fatal accidents, resulting in 42 million working days lost. Increasing workplace safety is not only a humane, but also an economically sound strategy to protect company profits. Brady proposes a number of safety identification solutions to […]

Solutions to keep your people & workplace safe

At Brady, we are closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. We aim to continue to respond to your identification and safety needs for your people, products and premises. Safety signs Identify and warn visitors and staff of potential hazards with our hazard warning signs. Area Marking Ideal for controlling and directing foot traffic. Spill Control […]

Increase your maintenance safety and efficiency

Work faster with clear maintenance visuals Get full production capacity back faster with clear visuals that increase maintenance efficiency. Plant maintenance operations are a necessity to maintain and secure production capacity but they may require a temporary reduction in production output. With Brady’s reliable and on-site printable signs and labels you can increase maintenance efficiency […]

How to make machine interventions safer & more efficient at a large beverage company

A large brewery with several sites needs a solution to neutralise machinery and to secure energy sources and pipe valves in the off-position for increased safety during maintenance. The customer requires this solution to be implemented at all sites for a large number of teams, including specialised employees and contractors. Brady proposes a complete Lockout/Tagout […]

Application Case: Colour-coded maintenance safety in the food industry with Lockout/Tagout

By Brady U.K. A large food processor needs to de-energise and secure all machine energy sources in order to service machinery safely. They require clear visual indicators to quickly identify which specialised team neutralised specific energy sources. The scope of preventive maintenance includes equipment used for food handling, storage, processing, packaging, as well as any […]

Achieve the highest Lockout/Tagout safety with innovative SafeKey Padlocks

The new SafeKey Lockout Padlocks offer 700% more key possibilities than a standard safety padlock thanks to their innovative lock mechanism. With 100 000+ different keys, SafeKey can optimally support custom hierarchies of large sets of keyed different padlocks that can be opened by a manager’s master key or grand master key when needed. Charted […]

The new LED tag counts down to maintenance

The Brady Inspection Timer clearly highlights when the next planned maintenance intervention is due. Machines, equipment and tools with the Brady Inspection Timer are easy to spot. Each unit is equipped with a dark green, light green, yellow and flashing red LED light that indicate a recently inspected up to an uncertain equipment status. The […]