1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

RECOMMENDED: Reduce energy bills with Energiepad

EnergiePad is an award-winning energy management app solution designed to help business and residential properties detect early signs of energy waste and notify users accordingly via mobile and/or email alerts.

The innovation has won several recognitions such as the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future and UnLtd Awards as well as a Finalist in the Business Green Technology 2016 Awards.

Created by the multi award-winning energy and environmental management company GreenPad Enterprise, specialising in providing green products products and services to businesses to help improve their energy and environmental performance 

Business and residential properties use energy to operate on a daily basis. Some of the energy used to light, heat and cool as well as electrically run business and residential operations is wasted unconsciously and the wastages do go on for a very long time undetected. There are negative social, economic and environmental impacts associated with energy waste. For example, money is lost in the process, emissions are released to the atmosphere and people suffer as well.

The EnergiePad is an app solution that configures building energy characteristics into a database and uses stored algorithms to monitor and run a series of energy management analysis on their energy demand and performance and consequently assist users to detect early signs of energy wastage and inefficiency in their consumption of energy. The solution does not only helps in detecting early signs of energy wastage in buildings, it goes on to provide little or cost-free tips that users can quickly utilise to seal them (energy waste) as soon as they are detected.

Furthermore, the app provides a collaborative platform for users to engage with their peers on their energy future and to access energy management training for improving their know-how of energy management issues.

For more info on EnergiePad, please email info@energiepad.com or visit www.energiepad.com.


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