1st & 2nd July 2024
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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: New Fixed RFID Reader and New Antenna GA25

The Brady FR22 Lite is the entry variant of the powerful Brady FR22 RFID reader. The FR22 Lite has the same RFID engine and processing platform as FR22. The need for an external computer or tablet is eliminated with this reader, as a processor is integrated.

It does not have the same wireless connectivity, video capability or support for Brady external modules as the FR22, however.

“But that is precisely what we wanted and what the customers said they needed”, explains Lluis Bueno, Senior Product Manager for RFID & IoT Devices and Software. “Not all use cases require the kind of capabilities which the FR22 has, with video output, wireless connectivity and 16 port multiplexer. Many customers simply need a basic RFID reader.”

The FR22 Lite is exactly that. It features a new UHF RFID engine based on the very latest technology and a full set of API‘s available for controlling the reader. Read capacity is at 1.000 tags per second.

Brady has, historically, always impressed with very special antennas which have not been available elsewhere.

“Our customers loved our readers and devices, that was clear”, remembers Lluis Bueno. “But time and time again we saw that customers needed a generic purpose antenna rather than a special one. And we could not provide such antennas.”

Some time ago, work on these generic purpose antennas begun, and in 2022, Brady launched a high-performance generic antenna, the GA30, to great acclaim. The new Brady GA25 goes even further in the direction of a generic antenna: it is a robust and extremely cost-efficient antenna with circular polarization. It has a high gain and achieves a long RFID reading distance, is usable on all surfaces, including metal, and shows excellent performance in every orientation.

Brady FR22 Lite and Brady GA25 can be integrated in one and the same installation. Suitable application areas include asset tracking, Inventory management, people or vehicle access control and document tracking. They can also be used to great advantage in RFID gates and tunnels.

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