1st & 2nd July 2024
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

Learn from the best at this month’s Facilities Management Forum

There are just a handful of free spaces left at the next FM Forum – Two days during which you can connect with like-minded peers, benchmark new suppliers and learn from insightful seminars delivered by industry though leaders.

27th & 28th June 2002

Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport

Our seminar lineup features:-

“8 steps to leading successful change”

– Tackle change more effectively at a personal level

– Lead change for those around you

– Assess those people in your teams that lead and support you with change

– Plan your approach to changes in the workplace

– Understand how to ‘live, not laminate’ your key values

Presented by Liz Kentish, Managing Director, Kentish and Co

“Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in FM”

Sofie will touch on IWFM’s equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) journey, what professionals and organisation
are doing to promote EDI, the why of action and the barriers and solutions often observed.

· What IWFM are doing as a professional body

· What Workplace and Facilities Professionals and their organisations are doing- market trends

· Why act?

· Barriers and breaking them down

Presented by: Sofie Hooper, Head of Policy, IWFM

“Occupiers’ liability and how to defend claims”

We know that compensation claims arising from the condition of premises can be costly. Naomi will discuss the impacts of the Occupiers’ Liability Acts on FM and give some useful tips for defending public liability claims.

Presented by: Naomi Bailey, Senior Risk Consultant (Liability), Zurich Resilience Solutions

“Is the 21st Century Workplace equipped with the right culture?”

As we exit from the pandemic, into the new normal, it would appear that hybrid working is here to stay, however, given some of the events even recently in the news, it seems many organisations are still struggling to understand how to get the culture right.

Productivity and monitoring software sales have boomed, but did organisations get it right? Is what some businesses done even legal? Has a pandoras box of future data protection issues been opened?

– Hybrid working is here to stay – but is the 21st century office run on 19th century culture measuring productivity – bums on seats, hours worked or actual output?

– Does productivity and employee monitoring software equal a more productive workplace?
– Monitoring, snooping and the Data Protection Act

Presented by: Mike Gillespie, Managing Director, Advent IM

Attendance is completely free, including all meals, overnight accommodation and an evening dinner.

To reserve your place, click here.


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