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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Netcontrol energy management

Netcontrol is an energy automation company providing monitoring and control equipment and solutions that allow companies to reduce energy costs and increase security of their supply.

Established in Finland over 30 years ago and having offices in the UK for over 20 years based in Hazel Grove, Manchester.

Need to reduce your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint? Then employing electrical power monitoring devices will be crucial.

Please quote reference number 249


What Netcontrol has to offer the Framework

Netcontrol devices allow you to capture, analyse and control your electrical assets

to identify energy wastage and to quantify energy improvements.

LV devices can be fitted easily and in most cases without shutdown to electrical distribution boards and plant.

A secure web browser dashboard displays the electrical performance and energy

information in time-based format allowing the identification of both technical and

behavioural energy losses, energy usage, costs and carbon footprint.

Whether you are a  local authority or a retailer looking to further reduce energy consumption or a manufacturer looking to reduce production energy overheads, protect electrical assets and  minimise costly production downtime, the Netcontrol devices will be critical in achieving your energy goals. Contact us for a no obligation installation and start your journey to lowering you energy costs and risks.


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