Understanding Waste Management Laws: A primer for UK-based organisations

In the UK, the responsibility of waste management doesn’t end once you’ve disposed of your waste. Comprehensive legal frameworks exist to ensure that waste is managed in a way that protects both the environment and public health. As a business, understanding these regulations is essential not only for legal compliance but also for promoting sustainable […]

Understanding the effect of COVID-19 on contractual obligations

Conexus Law is launching a range of fact sheets on the legal implications of the Covid-19, including¬†practical steps that may be taken by parties who find the impact of Covid-19 affects their ability to meet contractual obligations owed to others (upstream), or who find that their trading partners can no longer meet the obligations owed […]

New specialist law firm focuses on physical & digital infrastructure

A law firm that focuses solely on supporting companies at the intersection where the built environment, technology and people converge, has launched today. Conexus Law will work closely with clients in the connected world in both IT, telecommunications, infrastructure and datacentre construction and with engineering businesses delivering major infrastructure projects. The company has been founded […]