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Sylvania Group launches the new generation of SylSmart Connected Building

Sylvania, a global leader and full-spectrum provider of state-of-the-art LED professional and architectural lamp and luminaire lighting solutions, has announced the launch of SylSmart Connected Building, a ground-breaking lighting control system that truly delivers on the promise of a ‘smart’ lighting solution.

Ideal for both new build and retrofit applications, SylSmart Connected Building offers Qualified Bluetooth® Mesh integration, simplicity of design, installation and ease of use, and with quick ROI, it is the ideal lighting control choice for commercial lighting stakeholders such as building owners, facilities and energy managers, as well as the installation community.  

“The new generation of SylSmart Connected Building is our most advanced smart lighting solution for professional office applications,” commented Pierre Taing, Director Smart & Beyond Lighting at Sylvania. “The use of Qualified Bluetooth®Mesh matches perfectly with our ambition to provide a sustainable and secure ecosystem that supports buildings becoming smarter and sets the foundation of an exciting future for smart lighting.”

Sylvania worked with technology partner Silvair to develop a solution that accelerates installation and provides a set of intuitive tools for lighting configuration.  This ensures the system is ideally suited for control, monitoring, and automation systems where tens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices need to communicate with one another reliably and securely. Rafal Han, CEO of Silvair, says: “It’s exciting to see how Sylvania’s SylSmart Connected Building system is helping to achieve better comfort and efficiency in buildings all over the globe. We are proud to partner with Sylvania and be a part of this sustainable change.”

Retrofitting SylSmart Connected Building luminaires is simple – no additional wiring is required, just a simple swap-out of a traditional luminaire with a SylSmart-enabled fixture.  A smart sensor is integrated into each luminaire providing precise control, optimum comfort levels and distributed intelligence to support decentralised architecture, ensuring no single point of failure. Once installed, the luminaires operate as a system with a high level of security protection that offers through a digital floorplan, easy maintenance, and maximum flexibility when the layout of the office space needs to be changed. 

For more information about Sylvania’s SylSmart Connected Building solution, please visit: https://www.sylvania-lighting.com/en-gb/connected-building-inc-pro


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