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New research puts safety eyeware in to focus

Comfort is the overriding requirement for safety eyewear, according to research among over 500 UK companies.

The Specsavers study looked at which features and benefits are the priorities when choosing prescription safety eyewear for employees, with the majority (57%) selecting comfort. This was followed by the opportunity for employees to actually try on the glasses for comfort and fit, selected by 40%.

In a perhaps more surprising aspect of procurement requirements, aesthetics also featured heavily, with 30% of employers looking for availability of designs for both men and women, while 27% were concerned with style. A quarter (25%) of employers were interested in the brand of safety eyewear, which may be about fashion but may also be about reputation for safety and robustness.

Cost was a consideration for nearly a third of employers, with 29% stating this as a feature they consider when selecting safety eyewear.

Jim Lythgow, director of strategic alliances at Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, said: “Of course protection is the major concern for safety eyewear, but it is also very important that safety glasses look and feel good. If they are comfortable, fit well and look stylish, then employees are far more likely to actually wear their eye protection.”

The ability to try on safety eyewear was the second most popular requirement, linked to the main criteria of comfort. It is possible to procure safety eyewear from a variety of sources, including online and paper catalogues. There is, however, no substitute for evaluating different frames in person. While the choice of safety glasses will be dictated to some extent by the setting and task, there is still often a wide range of options available to the employee, which can only be truly assessed in person. Professional one-to-one fitting advice is a vital part of the process.

Lythgow concluded: “It is very positive that employers are aware of the many additional features and benefits of eye protection and that they understand the importance of comfort, fit, and even aesthetics. It is crucial that employees are happy with their safety eyewear, as this is half the battle in it being worn consistently.”

Key findings from the Specsavers study:-

In addition to protection, which other features and benefits do you look for when choosing prescription safety eyewear for your company’s employees?

  • Comfort 57%
  • Ability to try on for comfort and fit 40%
  • Designs for men and women 30%
  • Low price 29%
  • Style 27%
  • Brand 25%

Image by roegger from Pixabay


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