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Manufacturer Makes Water-saving After Early Action at Its Site, Thanks to Working With Water Plus

The Advanced Services team at Water Plus – and water tracking technology with an online portal – helped a manufacturer after water use, which jumped from 200 litres an hour to over 2,000 litres an hour, was spotted.

Using water is an important part of the operation for YKK (U.K.) Ltd, which has its main site and offices in Runcorn, Cheshire, and manufactures zips and other fastenings for textiles. For part of their water monitoring, they worked with water retailer Water Plus to install a data logger to track their use more closely throughout the year.

The Water Plus team were closely monitoring water use for sites with data loggers when the temperatures plummeted to -8C in Cheshire – and during the rise in temperatures afterwards, that can see ground movement and cause more water pipe issues for sites. Through the Water Plus Value Added Services (VAS), the Advanced Services team alerted YKK (U.K.) Ltd to a water use rise they had spotted.

As soon as the manufacturer was made aware of the water issue, they took immediate action and isolated the pipe involved, preventing further water waste – and further costs from an ongoing water loss.

Robert Cooney, Plant Maintenance Engineer from YKK (U.K.) Ltd, said: “The excellent customer service and communication from Water Plus has all made a big difference for us. Thank you to the Water Plus team for bringing the water usage to our attention and for their ongoing support and the expert advice they provide. The data logger and online portal are a great help to our operation.

“If this water issue hadn’t been identified early, then it could have impacted our operation, which is why we’re working with the experts at Water Plus to help us with our proactive water management for our business. Without the customer support Water Plus provides, the increase in water would have gone on for longer undetected.”

There are water costs for every cubic metre of water (each 1,000 litres) measured through a water meter at a site – showing the importance for quick action when needed. And more tips to #BeWiseOnWater can be found here.

The water issue involved a leaking drain leg on a cooling tower, which has been isolated. It started after very low temperatures seen in the UK earlier in the month.

Water Plus provides water and wastewater billing and customer service, along with a range of technical water services and information around water efficiency, for organisations of all sizes across England and Scotland. It’s been shortlisted for two UK Customer Satisfaction awards in 2023 and was shortlisted for three Water Industry Awards in 2022, including Water Retailer of the Year and Water Efficiency Project of the Year.

Along with account management services, Water Plus technical water experts have helped organisations of different sizes find the opportunities to cut water waste, running costs and risks to operations, including adding data loggers that feed information into an online portal, making water across multiple sites easy to track.

To request data loggers, or additional water efficiency services, contact the Water Plus team at: hello@water-plus.co.uk.

More information – and examples – of how Water Plus is helping organisations, is available at: www.water-plus.co.uk/about-us .

Additional note:

Water use increased on 18th December, 2022. The water increase was substantially reduced within 2 days.


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