1st & 2nd July 2024
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Guest Blog, Jeremy Harrison: How to get the best lighting upgrade…

Upgrading legacy workplace lighting to the latest technology offers multiple benefits. Jeremy Harrison, managing director of MSL Property Care Services, together with his counterpart Andy Chell, of MSL’s lighting partner, Lumilow Lighting, offer advice on what steps to take to maximise on the opportunities available.

It’s no surprise to facilities managers that significant carbon and cost savings exist from upgrading to the latest energy efficient lighting. Making this investment also improves light levels, reduces glare for improved health and safety and offers a kinder working environment. The Carbon Trust argues that lighting typically consumes 20 per cent of the electricity in commercial and industrial buildings.

‘In these times of high energy prices, finding cost-effective ways to reduce levels of electricity consumed by lighting can deliver appreciable long-term reductions on business electricity bills,’ it writes.

But what are the top ways to get such reductions moving?

  1. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. This is a well- known truth in energy management; but there is more: in today’s industry, trust is required.

We believe that to ensure that energy saving claims are accurate, the best approach is to appoint a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP). In simple terms, CMVP professionals measure the energy use before the new installation and, most importantly, independently verify the savings post installation.

At the last count, there are about 150 CMVP qualified professionals in the UK. It’s a very exclusive service to be able to offer; we are proud that CMVP accredited professionals trust Lumilow products. We are now offering this independent consultancy to verify the savings our offering can provide.

  1. Insurance backed guarantees are key. We have been concerned about the whole arena when it comes to warranties, which sadly, in many cases offer the buyer no protection if the lighting supplier ceases to trade. That is why we now offer an insurance backed guarantee for all products in partnership with the Electrical Contractor, so the entire installation is covered.
  2. Don’t just calculate energy savings. Also factor in the costs you will save through long lamp life and reduced maintenance costs. A good supplier can help you calculate these. This will help make a compelling case to the Board so that you get the capital funds you need.
  3. Sector expertise is crucial. Choose a lighting supplier that doesn’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and understands the particular challenges of lighting the sites that you manage, as well as understanding the products that will offer you the right solutions. Ask for references within your sector.
  4. Consider a regular maintenance service package. Regular maintenance can help identify issues before they become problems, allow for speedy and hassle free re-lamping, and make sure your lighting is compliant.

Contact MSL today; we will happily discuss your requirements and advise on how to get the best lighting upgrade.

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