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GUEST BLOG: Design for life – Linking design, productivity and wellbeing in meeting rooms of the future

By Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology Group

When the LinkedIn network features around a thousand managers who describe themselves as ‘Chief Happiness Officer’, you can tell wellbeing has moved right up the workplace agenda.

That’s only right and proper, of course, from a moral point of view. But it also makes sense from a business perspective – happy and comfortable workers tend to be more productive.

With the cost of workspace continuing to escalate, many organisations are looking hard at their offices and meeting rooms, and examining how their workers actually use them.

They are taking the opportunity to re-design their existing workspace, or even moving into new purpose-built space designed by architects with wellbeing and productivity in mind.

To keep staff happy and efficient, it’s vital to respond trends such as agile working successfully, consistently and on a continuous basis.

The most savvy companies are using workspace software that enables flexible workers to find and book the space they need online, often even before they come into the office.

Workspace management systems are now so sophisticated they can help staff select not only a desk or room, but also a quiet spot, a cool or warm area to work or specific technology they will need.

As the World Green Building Councilnotes:

“The way the interior of an office is configured has a profound impact on concentration, collaboration, confidentiality and creativity – and can therefore either enable, or limit, productivity. It can also have a very direct impact on health and wellbeing.”

In other words, when we design our office spaces, we design for life – and the organisations that care about efficiency and mental health are learning to link design, productivity and wellbeing in their meeting rooms. 

* For more information on meeting space management software, visit www.nfs-hospitality.com.


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