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ESOS 2 is complete, so what now?

5 December 2019 has gone!  ESOS 2 is complete! ESOS 3 is 4 years away… but customers are asking for sustainability improvements and cost savings, and on top of that, SECR is now with us.

That’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting, and means that qualifying businesses will need to track and report their kWh consumption and carbon emissions (in various groupings) and report them ANNUALLY within their published financial statements. The chances are that if you had to do ESOS you will have to do SECR.   The Government expects more than 11,000 businesses to report compared to only around 3,000 who had to do ESOS.

SECR requires by law, a statement in your company’s published accounts about your energy and carbon consumption. Also relevant performance indicators and a narrative about material actions being taken to reduce energy consumption and emissions.  Note the word “material”. That means they won’t allow changes that impact say less than 2% of your energy spend to be included.

In practice, business performance in respect of emissions and consumption against their competitors is going to be visible for the first time.  In competitive and environmentally sensitive sectors, such as food sector, it means that customers may look at these reports and could prioritise their supply chain based on it, so its going to be important to demonstrate progress and a high performance.  The whole essence of SECR is to use peer pressure to drive action.

So the ESOS 2 report has highlighted a series of measures, but how can you do them when the criteria for payback is only, say 2 years ?      This is the reason Onsite Energy Projects exists.  We recognised the challenge of capex availability and can provide a no-capex, off-balance sheet solution to implement both energy efficiency and on-site generation measures.

We may also be able to identify additional improvement measures, and deliver them all without any capex. If you would like to know more email us at info@on-site.energy or call on 0161 444 9989.

Onsite Energy Projects provides energy savings and energy generation solutions to energy intensive businesses, without capex if required.


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