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  • Cities and Green Building Councils join forces to increase energy efficiency…

    Under a new partnership between the World Resources Institute-led Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) and the World Green Building Council, Green Building Councils located around the world will be working with various cities in order to increase energy efficiency in buildings. 

    Green Building Councils based in Poland, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Colombia will work with mayors and city leaders in Dubai, Warsaw, Tshwane and Bogota, under the BEA, to achieve a goal by 2030 to double the rate of energy efficiency; recognising the best course of action to create significant efficiency improvements, as well as receive market buy-in from those who will help generate these energy savings.

    Announcing the partnership at the Green Building Council of South Africa’s annual convention in Johannesburg, CEO of the World Green Building Council, Terri Wills, said: “Cities and the buildings which make them up consume around 75 per cent of global energy, putting them at the coal face of our fight against climate change. But whilst they are a major consumer of energy, cities also have huge potential to dramatically reduce energy use, with buildings offering one of the most effective ways to do so. Through collaboration with cities, our Green Building Councils will provide on-the-ground expertise to help realise this opportunity.”


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