1st & 2nd July 2024
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5 Minutes With… Karl Lavery, Director of Projects at Arcus FM

In August 2023, Arcus FM announced the acquisition of the Trios Group in its entirety. Over the last six months, Arcus has been working hard behind the scenes to explore how they can best serve their customers and people throughout the integration. This includes revitalising their projects division, Arcus Projects.

The integration of Arcus and Trios projects teams marks a significant milestone, bringing together a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to excellence.

Karl Lavery, Director of Projects at Arcus, sheds light on the impact of this acquisition and the strategic initiatives in place to ensure continued growth, customer satisfaction, and sustainability within the FM industry…

With the launch of Arcus Projects, could you share with us how this revitalised division marks a significant milestone for Arcus and how Arcus has transformed its project management approach?

Our newly formed Arcus Projects division is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. By integrating the strengthsof both Arcus and Trios project teams, we’re poised to deliver unparalleled service and innovation in project management right across the UK.

We’ve significantly bolstered our capabilities: each team brought a wealth of skills, industry experience, and established customer relationships to the table. We’ve been diligent in identifying best practices and lessons learned from both sides, fueling continuous improvement in our project delivery. Moreover, the expanded pool of national and regional suppliers has opened up new avenues for efficiency and sustainability in our projects, allowing us to deliver with even greater impact.

How does the Arcus Projects function intend to meet the evolving needs and expectations of its customers?

It’s a multifaceted challenge. We recognise that every customer relationship is unique, with its own set of priorities and expectations. Our focus remains steadfast on delivering the fundamentals – safety, efficiency, and quality – while also staying flexible and responsive to our customers’ changing needs. Listening to our customers is paramount; it allows us to stay aligned with their evolving priorities and expectations . With the combined expertise and cultural strengths of our project teams, along with Arcus’s extensive network of resources and technology, we’re well-equipped to navigate these dynamics and continue providing exceptional service in the post-acquisition landscape.

We’re exploring innovative technologies to streamline our operational and commercial planning, ensuring that we’re at the forefront of project management excellence. While I still love a spreadsheet, we’re actively embracing modern solutions to stay ahead of the curve!

How does Arcus Projects integrate sustainability principles into its project delivery processes?

Sustainability is a key priority for us, especially given our involvement in various public sector frameworks. Collaborating closely with customers, we prioritise sustainability throughout project lifecycles. Our commitment is ingrained in our day-to-day operations from implementing renewable energy solutions across national estates to meticulously selecting sustainable materials and embracing modern construction methods. 

Additionally, our focus extends to waste management, local sourcing, and leveraging technology and data to optimise lifecycle solutions and sustainability outcomes. Our approach is dynamic and always evolving, but it’s one of the main reason our existing customers keep coming back to us.

What can customers expect from the refreshed Arcus Projects Service?

We of course have a number of aims for how we’ll deliver and measure our own success over the coming months – but first and foremost is customer satisfaction. We aim to make customers’ lives easier, navigating any project challenges with our proactive, collaborative approach. While perfection isn’t guaranteed, our commitment to honesty, openness, and operational excellence remains unwavering, ensuring customers receive industry-leading support every step of the way. It’s what we pride ourselves on.

What does the future hold for the Arcus Projects team?

We’re really excited about the future for the business – Arcus FM is fully backing us, we’ve grown the team, brought in new technologies, and we’re prominently placed on a number of frameworks. There’s so much opportunity. We’re leveraging our longstanding customer relationships, while actively seeking out new avenues for expansion. Recent efforts have focused on seamlessly integrating our project teams, creating new roles, and consolidating our supply chain to enhance resource availability. Additionally, we’re fostering closer collaboration between our FM and Projects teams to ensure a fully integrated and efficient Facilities Management solution.

To speak to the Arcus FM team about your project needs, head over to their website.


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