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22 million UK workers looking for new roles as demand for flexibility soars

Two thirds of UK workers plan to make changes to their careers in the next 12 months, according to a new study published by Aviva.

This is an increase of five percentage points, compared to the previous study compiled in February 2021, and indicates that 22 million workers are seeking some sort of change.

The intended changes vary greatly, ranging from reducing hours, to moving roles within an organisation, to choosing a different career path completely.

The number of people planning to set up their own business has increased from 6% to 8% since July 2020 – now equivalent to around 2.7 million workers – while the proportion planning to get a similar role in a different company has risen from 5% to 8% over the same period.

The proportion of workers planning to retrain or learn new skills now stands at 11%, although this figure increases to 15% among those aged 35-44, suggesting people are taking stock of their careers. A similar situation is true for those wishing to take a different career path: 9% of workers overall, but 14% of those aged 25-34.

The study also provides an insight into how the last two years have changed working patterns – and how colleagues feel about this situation.

Overall, employees believe the pandemic has had a positive effect regarding flexibility at work. Two thirds (66%) say recent events have helped companies to improve their approaches to flexible working.

There are certain aspects of employment that people now class as ‘deal-breakers’ when it comes to flexibility.

The option to vary daily hours across the week is the most common ‘deal-breaker’, with one in five workers classing this benefit as “essential” when looking for a role. This is closely followed by the ability to work from home some of the time (18%) – and even the option to work from home all of the time, the request of 15% of employees.

Other deal-breakers include the ability to reduce to part-time hours (14%) and being able to take leave to volunteer for worthy causes (9%).

As a general rule, people in the 25-34-year age bracket are most likely to view these benefits as essential to their role, although the request for childcare flexibility is common among the 25-44 age group (23%) and the desire to work from home some of the time is critical for one in five people aged 25-54.

However, the need for a “duvet day” is most common amongst under-25s – a deal-breaker for 15% of people in this age group.

Nicki Charles, Retail MD, Customer, Aviva General Insurance, said: “Although flexibility at work was growing in popularity before the pandemic, the Covid-19 outbreak has expedited progress. Benefits that were once seen as luxuries are now being viewed as essentials.

“While the pandemic has been devastating in so many ways, people are seeking out silver linings and a more progressive approach towards working is just one of these outcomes.

“After working at home for many months, some people will inevitably take time to adjust to the return to the workplace. But hybrid working enables the best of both worlds and doubtless is here to stay.”

Verdantix report – 5 best practices for success in the hybrid working era

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A growing number of organisations have announced their plans to shift to a hybrid system of remote and in-office work. Corporate real estate and facility management leaders have a key role to play in operationalising these hybrid strategies and implementing change at the building level.

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Why FM professionals urgently need to switch to virtual receptionists

By Bringme

Many FM professionals are currently struggling to adapt their buildings to the new, hybrid way of working. They’re afraid that they will have to do a lot of adaptations to their infrastructure and that they will have to invest a lot.

The good news is that there is an innovative solution that they can implement swiftly and easily. A solution that solves most of their problems in one fell swoop, saving them money in the process. It’s called Bringme’s virtual receptionist. And it comes with a number of really interesting benefits.

The benefits at a glance:

• A permanent access, delivery, visitor & asset management system facilitating hybrid work.

• No more complaints or lost parcels: the system signs for parcels, even when nobody is there.

• The FM’s presence is no longer required: the virtual receptionist welcomes visitors automatically and registers them. 24/7.

• The virtual receptionist is never ill, absent or ‘out of office’ yet it performs a quick health check and keeps everyone safe.

• And best of all: it doesn’t cost a thing, on the contrary! By installing this system, companies can save up to up to 45,000 pounds a year.

“We set out looking for a solution to just collect parcels and ended up with Bringme’s virtual receptionist – a system that has transformed the way we manage our buildings. What more could we want?”
George Barclay – Building manager Liverpool Science Park

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