Increase your maintenance safety and efficiency

Work faster with clear maintenance visuals Get full production capacity back faster with clear visuals that increase maintenance efficiency. Plant maintenance operations are a necessity to maintain and secure production capacity but they may require a temporary reduction in production output. With Brady’s reliable and on-site printable signs and labels you can increase maintenance efficiency […]

Sustainable office buildings ‘offer tangible investment benefits’

Sustainable office buildings can deliver tangible investment benefits to investors through a combination of higher rents and stronger leasing velocity. The Impact of Sustainability on Value report from JLL also reveals growing occupier demand for sustainable offices in central London that will need to be met in the next decade. JLL has calculated that the next wave […]

Is NET ZERO possible for heavy gas users?

Achieving NET ZERO emissions is a significant task, made all the more difficult if you use lots of gas for your process (for steam, drying, frying, furnaces etc). Gas is around 5-6x cheaper than grid electricity, so the cost of switching from gas is prohibitive. This is a challenge I see a lot in all […]