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Iain King, Bid Manager, Derwent Facilities Management

“Why outsource your FM”

What are the common problems organisations face in delivering excellent facilities management for their business and does outsourcing your fm really work? In this presentation we take a look at some of these problems and how outsourcing can really work to add benefits and cost savings.

  • Making sustainability cost effective
  • The true Partnership approach
  • Reducing costs and maximising compliance
  • Driving standards and quality
  • Improving your Corporate Social Responsibility

Chris Phillips, CEO & Founder, The International Protect and Prepare Security Office

“Counter Terrorism Top Tips for Business”

The presentation will give an overview of reasons that you should take action, and what you can do to protect your staff, customers and Business against Terrorist attack.

  • Terrorism, Organised crime and Crisis management
  • Are you fulfilling your Duty of Care to your staff
  • Are you preparing and protecting your people?
  • Innovations to help you

Liz Kentish, Managing Director, Kentish & Co Ltd

“Do you trust me?”

2019 saw the first FM Trust Index survey launched. What did we find out and how can that help us in FM?

  • Do you trust me? More importantly, do you trust yourself?
  • What the Trust Index tells us about FM
  • So what now?

Nigel Lucker,  Director of Estates and Facilities, University of Suffolk 

“Working with service partners” A clients view”

In my experience, the reason contracts fall short is because the clients does not really engage, does not empower the service partner nor give them the space to operate. I would like to share how I have changed my views of this and have seen fabulous outcomes because of treating the service partner as … well a partner

  • Think 7 years not 3 year contracts
  • Allow the service partner a space to operate and do not question approach
  • Think reverse KPI’s
  • Review KPI’s very year with out fail
  • Get the service partner to live the business objectives – match their plans to these

Liz Kentish, Managing Director, Kentish & Co Ltd

“Why do we change facilities suppliers every 3 to 5 years?”

An interactive session exploring the reasons why FM contracts are typically short term.

  • Why do we change so frequently?
  • What value does this give our organisations?
  • What could we be missing out on?
  • What impact does this have on suppliers?
  • What could we do differently?