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Graham Perry, Commercial Director – Datore

“The hidden costs and value of Analytics in FM”

Data in the Built Environment is expanding like never before but is it benefiting the business that operate here. What is the Value of Analytics and what are the pitfalls.

  • Why is data growing and why will it continue to do so?
  • What are the benefits of Data Analytics in the Built Environment?
  • What are the pitfalls and how can you avoid them?
  • What are the options to derive the benefits and what are the potential costs?
  • What is the real value that businesses are actually seeing?

Mike Gillespie, Managing Director – Advent IM

“Data Blindness”

Could we be getting more business benefits by having a thorough understanding of our information, where it is, who has it and where it is being shared.

  • Organisations are seeing a corresponding explosion in the amount of data
  • Organisations of all sizes are seeing a proliferation in systems
  • The supply ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex
  • Are we currently drowning in data and starved of insight?
  • Do we know where our data ends up in the supply ecosystem?

John Brownless, Joint Managing Director – Litmus FM, Karl Cundill, Joint Managing Director – Litmus FM

“Creating building optimisation through asset and lifecycle management”

Good asset management strategy optimises operational performance, minimises whole life cost and supports organisations’ corporate goals and objectives. It can help to manage risk and drive business continuity strategies.

  • The importance of an Asset Register
  • Creating the right Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • The benefits of Lifecycle Modelling
  • The importance of a ForwardMaintenance Regime
  • The future of Asset Management