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Bringme Box solves shopping at work issues

An innovative idea is set to solve the issues of shopping away from the home, when deliveries are made at a workplace.

The Bringme Box provides a secure and safe way of receiving online shopping for collection when it suits the individual. The boxes can be located in a building’s entrance or anywhere suitable, and the courier or postman simply delivers the parcel into the box, closes the door and the recipient is automatically informed through the Bringme App on their phone or computer that their parcel is ready for collection. There are different sized boxes, even ones with hanging rails for clothes.

There is a clear audit trail throughout the transaction from the moment the courier drops off the item, to the moment the recipient collects it, using a unique QR code to open or close the box, ensuring that parcels never go missing and sensors in the box automatically detect when there is something inside it. The Bringme Box receives and signs for delivery so its quick and easy for couriers and postmen.

Conversely, if there are items needing to be returned, or sent on, or something needs picking up, the box works the other way around, like an automated service desk, and a courier can collect from it without having to disturb anyone. It doesn’t have to be a commercial transaction – users can leave or have belongings collected by friends or family, too. It enables you to be in when you’re out and you can access any kind of product or service, controlling everything via the Bringme App.

Facilities management growth to soar, says specialist

As the facilities management sector is reportedly set to double in size, companies are being advised to reduce costs to make the most of this growth in the next 7 years.

The facilities management in North America is predicted to grow from $606.4 billion to $1,887 billion by 2024, but the key to survival in such a rapidly building sector is to remain available and be sure it’s possible to offer clients lower costs, according to specialists.

“Businesses desire premium services from experts, but at low prices,” warned David Lynes, director of UniqueIQ, “but at low prices in order to keep in line with budget. Failing to meet this price expectation could result in lost custom.”

Responsible for managing a variety of workforces, regularly sourced from external companies, facilities management costs can too easily spiral out of control, according to Mr Lynes.

With industry growth also comes increased competition and it’s important to to remain appropriately competitive if companies want to continue securing future contracts.

“Keeping overheads low by streamlining the management of each outsourced service that is provided, and gaining clear insight into the movements of staff can help facilities management,” said Mr Lynes, “making it possible to offer the rates that organisations are looking for.”