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How to measure occupancy for social distancing

By Irisys

Controlling and restricting occupancy levels has been advised by the Government as a key step in facilitating and enabling social distancing in the workplace.

BUT, what does this mean in practice and how can you implement this in your workplace?

From manual to fully automated solutions, we discuss the pros and cons of different approaches so you are well informed and can pick a solution that best meets your needs and helps ensure the safety of your employees.

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Spectrum Industrial launches guide to help businesses implement a social distancing Safety Signage Programme

Spectrum Industrial have launched a guide to help businesses to implement a social distancing safety signage programme onto their premises.

Although many businesses still operating have put a social distancing program in place, a recent study by Spectrum Industrial highlights how over 20% of businesses found it really difficult to put something in place, with over 30% saying they would have liked professional / expert help / advice on this.

The biggest problem highlighted from many was purely lack of space to provide the 2m guidance.

Paul Kantecki, Managing Director, said: “Over the last 25 years we have conducted a number of audits with businesses to help guide them on safety signage and products. When we started receiving initial enquiries for social distancing signs, we were able to attend some customers premises and help them with installation. Taking on board our experience from our safety sign audits and implementing these initial social distancing safety signs into retail premises, highlighted to us a number of issues and challenges we knew most smaller retailers would face.”

Spectrum pride themselves on building their experience in all things safety, and Social Distancing signs are now playing a big part of the safety category. Paul continued: “Taking our learnings from these initial installations, the next logical step for us was to compile a guide and share that knowledge and advice in the way of tips and guidance.  At the moment we can’t visit customers premises, and we know that one size does not fill all, but we hope that our guide offers a basic guideline for businesses to follow and implement into their environment.”

You can download a copy of the guide at

For more information about Spectrum Industrial and their product range visit or email