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Winterproof your safety signage and don’t let safety slip

Winter is not the safest season. Slips & falls increase dramatically, especially when working outdoors, or simply walking to an office from the parking lot. When the cold and dark seem to conspire against health and safety, highlight your new safety communication to lower the risks. Discover safety solutions from Brady and make the winter safe!

Reliable safety identification solutions to support your Go for Zero programme throughout winter:

  • clearly identify winter slip hazards and other risks on your premises, and easily guide employees, even in the dark, using ISO-compliant ultra-visible reflective signs with excellent outdoor reliability.
  • easily apply reliable pipe markers to wet, rainy and cold outdoor pipe surfaces to make them compliant with any regulation or standard.
  • quickly re-paint or create new, straight outdoor floor marking with PaintStripe stencils
  • immediately highlight ice patches and other emerging winter hazards with outdoor safety cones and A-board floor stands

Snowball your safety messaging

While you can order any solution preprinted to your specifications, we can also offer full flexibility to get through winter. With the BBP37 Multicolour & Cut Sign & Label Printer at your premises, you can quickly update safety and facility identification to reduce risks.

  • create reliable, industrial-grade outdoor safety signs, labels and pipe markers in any shape
  • use in stand-alone mode, or add Brady Workstation apps to design an even wider range of signs, pipe markers and safety labels
  • a few blank label supplies, requiring minimal storage space, can sustain your safety identification needs throughout winter

Make the winter safe with Brady >>

Spectrum Industrial extends its range of Social Distancing and Hygiene signs and launches new brochure

Manufacturer of safety signage and products Spectrum Industrial have added even more signs to their range of social distancing and hygiene signs by popular demand.

The extended range includes floor graphics to help the flow of traffic within premises as well as providing instructions to visitors on the route they should take, a range of site safety notices providing your on site rules to visitors in relation to covid -19, temporary signs for those needing to provide instructions to people whilst in their vehicles, new hygiene and PPE signs and finally hygiene / sneeze guards.

“We have worked hard to develop a signage range to suit customers needs so they could react quickly, However, as we now start to talk to those who are preparing their premises for when restrictions are lifted, there are many more factors to consider and different industries face different challenges, so we had to look at where signage could help and extend our range to suit,” said Paul Kantecki, Managing Director.

“As those businesses deemed as essential have or continue to roll out their social distancing and hygiene programs, we are now seeing many businesses start to look at how they can re-open and how they can keep employees, customers and visitors safe when they do re-open.  Its not easy, and although we can help with signage to provide clear instruction and information, there are so many other factors and challenges businesses are having to think about, and as a business owner myself, it’s not an easy task.”

The new signs have been launched in an updated version of Spectrum Industrials Social Distancing and Safety Signage brochure. The brochure showcases over 250 products, providing a comprehensive range.

Paul continued: “It won’t stop there. We are focusing on reviewing our range constantly to be able to support all businesses and facilities with the signage and products they require to help adhere to social distancing and keep staff, customers, and visitors safe. As we talk to customers and identify challenges, we will continue to identify solutions to best help them cost effectively and efficiently.”

Spectrum offer a wide selection of social distancing signs including anti slip floor stickers and strips, wall signs and entrance signs and the full range can be viewed on their website.  However, if customers cannot find what they are looking for or have bespoke requirements, Spectrum Industrial can easily make these designs to order at their manufacturing facility in Doncaster.

For more information about Spectrum Industrial and their product range visit or email

Free facility signs to help stop COVID-19

Safety and identification specialist Brady Corporation offers signs for download to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Anyone can freely download the print-ready files from Brady websites.

All signs offered are compliant or in line with the ISO 7010 international standard to maximise recognition anywhere in the world. Each sign includes a quickly recognisable icon for almost any COVID-19 safety measure, ranging from wash hands and keep distance to wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment.

Your time is precious – we will support you for any request or custom solutions.

Download the ‘Free signs to print’ & browse our COVID-19 Brochure (collection of coronavirus related identification and safety solutions for your people, products and premises)


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