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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Spend time improving EHS performance, not implementing software

Introducing SAI 360 FastStart, the fast, ready-to-use, cost-effective software solution to meet Environmental, Health & Safety requirements.

Implementing a new software platform can be perceived as challenging by even the most experienced Environmental, Health & Safety professional, but not anymore.

SAI360 FastStart delivers pre-configured workflows, dashboard and reports based on industry best practice. As the solutions are ready to use the cost is much lower and implementation can be delivered in just weeks enabling a fast return on investment.

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Some of SAI Globals most popular out-of-the box FastStart options for EHS include:

  • Incident Management, including Near Miss and Injury Management
  • Action Management
  • Hazard Management
  • Inspections
  • Audits

Spend time improving your environmental, health & safety performance instead of implementing software, contact SAI Global about FastStart now and get the insights you need to enhance operational efficiency. | 01926 523149 |

Discover how Sandvik used SAI Global’s EHS solution to drive improvements in their EHS culture

Sandvik were able to implement an EHS solution so robust, that they recently won a Verdantix Innovation Award in 2018.

Like many businesses, Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology had been using spreadsheets to gather and evaluate EHS information and demonstrate compliance. But over time the quantity of interlinked files became unmanageable and the lack of controls left processes open to error. Reporting became time consuming and limited.

Sandvik knew the data held in the spreadsheets was invaluable and recognized the need to utilise the information to drive cultural changes and strategic decision making. But they needed a better solution.

Discover how Sandvik evolved from manual spreadsheet-based processes to SAI Global’s fully-integrated EHS solution in this Customer success story.

The results and efficiencies speak for themselves and it’s clear to see why this project saw them recognised by independent analysts as a winner of a Verdantix HSE innovation award.

To discover a better way to Manage EHS compliance and risk across your business contact SAI Global today. | 01926 523149 |