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NG Bailey-Land Securities

NG Bailey renews £50 million Land Securities contract

Independent UK-based engineering, IT and facilities services company NG Bailey has renewed a five-year contract within its facilities services division to provide M&E building fabric maintenance and energy management for 31 buildings across Land Securities’ London portfolio.

As part of the contract, worth £50 million, each building will have its own bespoke building specific maintenance and asset renewal programme. This new approach, called business focused maintenance (BFM), will take into consideration the age of the building, systems and asserts within it and its occupiers’ needs.

The new contract commenced April 1st, 2017.

Ian Burr, Head of Property Management for Land Securities, said: “We enjoy working with service partners who take the time to understand who we are as a company and help us to reach our ultimate aims and objectives. Having worked with NG Bailey since 2012, they have become a trusted partner from an M&E and energy management perspective and they have built a day-to-day service delivery model which meets both our immediate and longer term building management needs.”

“NG Bailey’s business focused maintenance proposition really stood out because they were creative and wanted to move away from standard maintenance regimes. Their dynamic approach offered us something new and matched our overall objectives. On the strength of the BFM model and their approach to energy reduction investment, we awarded a five year term from the outset to allow us to reap the benefits of NG Bailey’s investment proposals.”

Stuart Linington, NG Bailey’s Managing Director for Facilities Services division said: “I am immensely proud of our team working in partnership with Land Securities. We are both investing for the long term by focusing on activities that improve the customer experience – not just for Land Securities – but for their ultimate customers, their building users and the wider community. The results we are now seeing provide benefits to a much wider range of stakeholders.”

NG Bailey further invests in specialist energy services…

According to reports, the independent facilities, engineering and IT services group, NG Bailey, has confirmed that it will continue to invest in its specialist energy services by introducing a dedicated ‘central operations’ centre.

The new centre, which claims to offer support to the company’s specialist team by merging the existing facilities management, IT and engineering expertise and abilities, provides services including: energy monitoring and alarming, data analysis, mobile operations management and dynamic scheduling to its client base.

NG Bailey’s head of energy, Chris Coath, commented: “Buildings are generating more data than ever before, and by accessing and then analysing that data we can use our design, engineering and building services capabilities to improve system efficiencies, increase building performance and reduce energy usage. This enables us to generate tangible outcomes for building owners and occupiers.

He continued: “The real opportunity is in the analysis of building data, which is what our operations centre is focused on. By being able to analyse and respond, in real time, to the data that is being collected within a building, we can help customers meet their financial and sustainability objectives.”

It is thought that NG Bailey has invested an estimated £1 million in its energy services offering during the last financial year.