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Level 6 degree apprenticeship consultation launched by the BIFM…

Working alongside a ‘Trailblazer’ group as well as higher education institutes and employers, the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) is creating a new degree apprenticeship programme specifically aimed at senior facilities managers to equip individuals for a successful sector career.

A draft degree apprenticeship standard has been developed by the ‘Trailblazer’ group which details all requirements of someone working at a senior management level in FM. Furthermore, the standard is open for wider consultation to all employers and organisations not involved in the development process. The group is keen to ensure that the standard has the widest possible support and applicability across the sector(s), and represents good value for money for all potential end-users whatever the size of their company.

Fraser Talbot, Professional Standards and Education Manager at BIFM, commented: “Apprenticeships provide great benefits to both individuals and employers.  For individuals it can provide the knowledge and skills to launch their career within their chosen sector. 

“For employers it can provide them with a skilled, motivated and loyal workforce to meet their business objectives. That is why it is crucial that the trailblazer groups consult with employers and organisations in the wider industry to gather feedback on this proposed degree apprenticeship standard. This will ensure that the FM’s of the future have the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by industry.”

It comes after the government rolled out its ‘English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision’ strategy in a bid to reach three million starts by the year 2020.


To complete the online consultation, click here

BIFM collaborates with employer groups on apprenticeship standards development…

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) is working closely with employer groups in a bid to create new standards for apprenticeships in the industry that include both degree apprenticeships at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, as well as supervisor and manager levels.

In theory, the industry body claims new apprenticeship standards will provide companies with the opportunity to employ apprentices at all levels, from senior management to strategic and operations. With the facilities management (FM) supervisor standard already approved, the development of a degree apprenticeship at Level 6 for senior FMs has also received approval, and the draft standard is due to be issued for consultation later this year.

The employment groups working on these standards submitted ‘Expressions of Interest’ to the  Department for Education (DfE) which supports the development of standards for Facilities Manager (Level 4) and Director of Estates (Masters).  The BIFM states that levels have been selected by ‘the industry’ to coincide with the ‘different occupational competencies’ required by FM professionals at various career stages.

The consultation is open for one more day (closes September 9, 2016) and the BIFM is encouraging all industry professionals complete the consultation for the proposed Facilities Manager and Director of Estates standards.