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Sustainability Pays: How to take care of the planet and your profits

Being good to the environment is great for your business finances.

Taking control of your own energy needs – using onsite generation and storage – can reduce costs and cut carbon emissions. It will also protect your business from energy supply disruption.    

Download our research report to discover the 4 steps you can take to accelerate your energy sustainability and improve your profits.  

FREE REPORT: Why sustainability is good for business

Sustainable businesses see energy as an opportunity, not a financial burden.

They’re exploiting distributed energy technologies, such as onsite generation and storage, to cut costs and carbon emissions. This also increases operational resilience and enhances reputation.  

Download our research report to see the 4 steps you can take to accelerate your energy sustainability and improve your business performance.

FREE REPORT: Sustainable business growth with Centrica

What does it take to become a more sustainable, future-focused organisation? 

Today’s consumers, shareholders and governments are demanding that businesses take responsibility for their carbon emissions, and work toward a low carbon future.

Our new report explains what it means to be a sustainable business and the steps you can take to start your journey.

We share the most significant results from our research, the changing role of energy, and the actions businesses should take to prepare for a more commercially and environmentally sustainable future.

Follow this link to download the report:


CENTRICA REPORT: Future-Proofing Your Company’s Energy Needs

By Centrica

Every business relies on energy for critical tasks – but with this dependence comes risk.

As organisations seek to become more sustainable, it’s vital to plan not only for short-term energy needs, but also for long-term energy security.

Increasingly, businesses that are digitalising processes are becoming ever more dependent on power to run them, making it critical to plan effectively to reduce risks and ensure energy resilience.

Our new report, Future-Proofing Your Company’s Energy Needs, highlights rising awareness of resilience as an issue for organisations across the globe, and practical steps you can take to mitigate risk.

Click here to download the report.

FREE GUIDE: How solar power can help your operational efficiency

The pressure is on businesses to cut costs, reduce emissions and utilise renewable energy sources – in the midst of volatile markets and a shifting energy landscape, it’s vital for your organisation to be as energy efficient as possible.

One solution is right above us. Solar from Centrica Business Solutions enables you to generate your own energy onsite by converting the sun’s power into 100% renewable electricity – lowering your energy costs, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your carbon emissions.

Download our Executive Guide to Solar to see how Centrica Business Solutions can help power your energy and operational efficiency.